Cause of Death: Politics

Thou shalt not covetright? Like, it’s one of the Ten Commandments, you really shouldn’t break it. But how about teaching and urging people to covet? Is that a sin, too?

In a word, yes.

It has become impossible to distinguish between the rhetoric of the Communist Party of Albania in the 1960s and New Jersey Democrat rhetoric today. Now that they have the skill to target their advertising, political campaign ads for these rats pop up all over the Internet.

I have never before, in all my life, seen such a coordinated campaign involving so many candidates, all with the same message: class warfare.

“Vote for Peter Covet because he believes your tax money should go to fund education, not CEOs’ retirement packages. Vote for Mary Envy because she’d pass a law that the minimum wage has to go up every year, no matter what. Vote for Jack Thief because he won’t let corporate CEOs cut veterans’ benefits.”

My liberal family member digs this message. He thinks anyone who has more money than he does is a criminal who must be punished. To say nothing of the poor schlemiels who think “funding education” means anything but higher salaries and more lavish benefits for teachers and administrators.

Are Democrats trying to chase business out of New Jersey altogether? “You dirty CEOs! You just wait–we’re gonna get you!” What kind of idiots would business leaders have to be, to just stay here and get raped? But all the statistics show that businesses, as well as affluent individuals and families, are stampeding out of this state.

What are we who remain in this state supposed to do for jobs, once our glorious leaders drive out all the businesses? Where is the money gonna come from, for all those teacher pensions?

Why should you, the reader, care what happens in the benighted state of New Jersey?

Well, it might happen in your state, too. And when it does, you’ll know it. I promise you, you’ll hear your wallet howl.


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