Politicians Who Defend Our Values (LOL)

I can’t go hardly anywhere on the Internet without being peppered by ads for New Jersey Democrats. We, poor devils, have a gubernatorial and legislative election next week.

Somehow Republican ads never appear. I wonder if unlimited campaign money from the teachers’ union has anything to do with that. I haven’t seen any ads for the airhead who is running for governor against Chris Christie. I interviewed her once. We would be better off electing a statue.

So, it’s all Dems, all the time.

They say they “defend NJ values.” What values are those? Same-sex pseudo-marriage? Abortion? Freebies for illegal aliens? Cory Booker, our new interim U.S. Senator, likes to pretend he’s a sodomite so he can “challenge people’s homophobia.” You have to be brain-dead not to know what Democrats “value.”

Why do they presume we’re so abysmally stupid?

(Uh, because we elect them?)

The candidates promise to keep property taxes “low.” Cue in maniacal laughter.

They promise to “fight for us” against “draconian budget cuts” blamed on the Republicans, even though the Dems control the legislature.

“Fight for us” can be literally translated into English: “Fight for more money for the teachers’ unions.” Maybe teachers will be able to retire at 40, and not have to choose between buying a horse farm and going on perpetual world cruises: give ’em pensions that’ll allow them to have it all.

We ought to have some protection against this much hypocrisy.

Of course, we could protect ourselves just by never, never, never voting for a Democrat or an incumbent of either party. We would have to outvote the dead, the illegal aliens, the multiple voters, and the rest of the Dem voting base. But we could do it, if we put our minds to it.

Always presuming the electorate has a mind. Jersey pols seem to do very well by presuming that it doesn’t.

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