Can Anyone Explain This?

There’s a young woman in our neighborhood who goes around with half her head shaved down to the scalp. That’s right: I said half. The other half is normal.

It looks horrible. And my question is, What’s it all about? Is she imitating some ridiculous celebrity I never heard of? (For that matter, what’s the use of celebrities hardly anyone has ever heard of?) Is it some kind of half-baked ideological statement? Or is she just plain daft? She isn’t doing it for Halloween, because her head always looks like that.

I have ruled out hallucination because other people have seen her, too.

Can anyone tell me why any young woman would want to keep half her head shaved clean?

And does it matter which half?

6 comments on “Can Anyone Explain This?

  1. Well, you asked for a comment! Don’t people who are strange do strange things? No doubt, she has, what to her, is a perfectly reasonable thing considering why she’s doing it. If I were here neighbor, I would consider it my duty to pray for her. God can solve her problem/s. If he doesn’t, that’s his business. But, who knows? He has his ways of solving our problems. We’re all a little strange! And we all have something unexplainable.. Even you and I!

    1. I was just wondering if it was some kind of cultural statement or message. This individual’s family is all self-proclaimed Christians; but they live like beasts.

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