Our Swell Post-Christian World

I think I’ll watch Miracle on 34th Street this afternoon. It’s a wonderful fairy tale. It’s also a great movie about fairy tales.

In my time the biggest fairy tale ever told is that the world doesn’t need Christianity anymore, it can get along just fine without Jesus.

Uh-uh. Yeah, sure looks it. How many stories have I seen this morning–just this morning–of people rioting, stabbing each other, having apoplexies, etc., during the course of their “Black Friday” shopping? There was no such thing as “Black Friday,” not so long ago. Some ad men invented it, and people went for it. You can’t get them to hear the Gospel, but they’ll kill and be killed for Black Friday.

And then there’s the rest of the news: the new urban craze, “Knockout,” which used to be known as unprovoked assault and battery; our elected officials’ most current lies; this new sexual liberation movement, that new wrinkle in public education to support the new sexual liberation movement…

Yeah. Post-Christian civilization.

Even if Christianity were a fairy tale, which it isn’t, it would still be a thousand times better than what our ruling nincompoops are pleased to call reality. But it isn’t the Bible that’s the fairy tale.

It says something about our wise men and our scholars and our whoopee crowd that they can’t even make up a fairy tale that doesn’t suck.

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  1. Great column, Lee. I posted it on FR http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/forum/topics/our-swell-post-christian-world-by-lee-duigon

    Yesterday, Bruce O’Hara said in his E-Blast that Black Friday is the day when people trample other people the day after being thankful for what they already have.

    I’m proud to state that I have never ‘shopped’ on ‘Black Friday.’ I have, on occasion, purchased bread or something like that from the corner market. I also do not spend like a nut because it is Christmas. I was raised, and raised my family to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior (and remind them of this on their own birthdays). We also participate, on a small scale, in the economic and commercial aspects of Christmas, with some gift giving, a Christmas tree, and a family dinner. There is no ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ in our lives. I think my children grew up all the better for it, and I hope someday they too realize it!

    We as a society really need to get beyond a religion of convenience. It’s a life thing, not only a Sunday thing. The leaders in the Christian church communities must stop being silent. They should be free to point out that there was no Christian panty bomber, no Christian shoe bomber, no Christian terrorists on 9/11, etc. I thought the Catholic Church would be more vocal than it has been, and perhaps it will. I cite them because they have the loudest voice, and I really believe the others would join them.

    Wow, I have been rambling today! Again, great column, Lee. God bless.

  2. Black Friday has never made any sense to me. I agree, it’s an advertising scheme to get people out Christmas shopping, while they are still full of turkey and all the trimmings of Thanksgiving. People line up in the freezing cold for a chance at a bargain priced TV or some other gadget that will be forgotten before Christmas ever arrives. It’s senseless.

    Time is precious, literally the most precious commodity we have, Why do people waste it on nonsense like Black Friday?

  3. I used to live on a residential street that had a stop sign at the intersection with a busy city street that didn’t have a stop sign. Many car accidents were occurring there but the city fathers wouldn’t put out the money for a signal light – that is until there was a fatality, then the signal light was quickly ordered. That’s human fallen nature – wait until something really bad happens, then try and fix the problem.

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