Thou Shalt Not Say This or That

One of my readers alerts me that Facebook has deleted a comment by “a fit mom” to the effect that “plus-size lingerie models” are not good role models to exalt in the midst of an obesity epidemic.

Funny, isn’t it? When the Worst Lady or Mayor Bloomberg tell us what we can or can’t eat, they get high fives from all the media for knowing what’s best for us ignorant serfs. But let one of the plebs make a similar comment, and Facebook brands it “hate speech.”

In one of the many videos taken of our country’s “Black Friday” capers, we see an immense fat woman trying on a wig while sprawled on the department store floor in the midst of the impromptu rugby scrum staged by her fellow customers. A lot of them are roly-poly, too. It’s not the kind of visual image that helps you sleep at night.

How did so many people get to be so fat? Is this the self-portrait that today’s America wants to pass on to tomorrow’s?

Like so many kids in the 1950s, the very first pet I had was a goldfish. And the very first thing they told you in the goldfish book was not to over-feed the little fellow: or he’ll just keep eating and eating until one morning he’s floating belly-up and not smelling too good.

A goldfish overeats because he’s only a fish and doesn’t know any better. But I think people are overeating to fill a hole in their spirits that cannot be filled by food or video games or any of the other goodies they’re ready to kill each other to obtain on Black Friday.

Behold–50 years of public schooling, self-esteem, entitlement, moral imbecility, and replacing God with false gods and idols has done its work only too well: a mob of fat people rolling around on the floor, fighting over things they don’t need.

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