Scientist Says Chimps Mated With Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)

Sometime in the distant past, according to a hot-shot scientist who is billed as “a leading geneticist,” chimpanzees had sex with pigs–uh, why?–and produced hybrid offspring that were the origin of the human race. See the report in The Daily Mail, Dec. 2, 2013, ‘Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig’: Extraordinary claim made by American geneticist.

Dr. Eugene McCarthy–no relation to the hippy-dippy 60s politician of the same name–is a former professor in the Dept. of Genetics at the University of Georgia and currently the director of He has also suggested that the duck-billed platypus arose as a bird+mammal hybrid.

I have become radically skeptical of Science.

But, hey, let’s do some science! Let’s get a female chimpanzee to mate with a pig and see what happens. What? The chimp doesn’t find the pig attractive? Well, send her to public school for a while. If all else fails, we can try artificial insemination. Go ahead, do it.

What a nice guy I am. I have resisted the temptation to indulge in all the obvious wisecracks. But of course I can’t be responsible for any comments made by readers.

Y’know, we believe a great many things because Scientists have told us that they’re true.

What if a lot of them aren’t?

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  2. Now I don’t claim to be a “leading geneticist” but as I recall, cross-species mating doesn’t, as a rule, produce offspring. Even similar species such as a male donkey and a female horse produce offspring which are not viable reproductively. I would opine that if somehow a pig and a chimpanzee could be convinced to mate (and I doubt that this could be easily accomplished) the reproductive result would be zero.

    When I read things such as this, I find myself flabbergasted by how myths and flights of fancy seem to have made such a huge comeback. The Flat Earth Society, which was taken seriously by very few people for most of my lifetime, is now in its glory. There are all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories these days, many of them easy to debunk, but if you try you will find yourself ignored, because the adherents to these theories have their minds made up already. Simply stated, truth and accurate knowledge have become unfashionable.

    1. That’s exactly who it’s supposed to be! One of those great Loony Tunes send-ups of currently popular figures. I remember they also did Bing Crosby (as a buzzard) and Abbot and Costello (two cats). Gee, I wonder if I can find any of those on youtube…

    2. I met Peter Lorre Jr. and we had a nice conversation; i tried to persuade him to believe in Jesus and he tried to persuade me to believe in UFOs. He even gave me a necklace with a spaceship on it. The crazies are everywhere. Did some entity put something in America’s drinking water?

  3. Ligers, crosses between lions and tigers provide offspring (when they occur) that are much larger than either parent but sterile. The mule is also sterile. Mary Shelly once wrote a book, Frankenstein, the basis of which was the question, just because we CAN do it, SHOULD WE? I think that all of the disasters that have followed such “experiments” should answer that question.

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