A Fake, Phony, Bogus Holiday

According to my Humane Society calendar, today is the first day of Kwanzaaaa–a big fat joke of a pseudo-holiday coined a few years ago by some schmendrick of a black militant, intended to be a substitute for Christmas.

Why is this fake holiday on the calendar? Because libs ‘n’ progs love to push Kwanzaaa. Because they are human debris. And because all sorts of schleps out there are afraid, terrified, that if they don’t pay homage to Kwanzaaa, people will think they’re racists.

I don’t know a single African-American person who celebrates Kwanzaaaa. This is strictly white liberal crapola. This is for noozies, teacher unions, and Democrat politicians.

I mean, really, you have to be a total blithering twollop if you buy a Kwanzaaa card or try to bake a Kwanzaaaa cake. Do something constructive: go soak your Kwanzaaaa head in a Kwanzaaa bucket.

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  1. There is a holiday which originally celebrated the birthday of Mithras, rolled up with Saturnalia and other pagan holidays, combined with Norse myths & customs and now characterized by rampant materialism that is seen very commonly across the land.

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