A Meditation

Sometimes I feel like I went to sleep in my own bed and woke up in a strange room. While I was asleep, the America I knew got taken away and something else put in its place. No one can tell when or how it happened.

Now fools are hailed as wise, the wicked as the country’s benefactors, and the works of our own hands, and the corrupt desires of our own minds, are our gods. We reject beauty and celebrate ugliness. We turn away from life and embrace death.

Why did no one stop this from happening? Where was the Church? What were our families so busy doing, that they never even noticed what was being done all around them? How many careless people were recruited to the service of evil, without them even knowing it?

Trust in the Lord.

There’s no one else.

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  1. Lee,

    I’m close friends with Coach Dave. I think I got onto your blog email list by finding you through your connection to the Coach.

    I really enjoy your daily musings, and often post them to my social network accounts. Thank you for writing them.

    Also, for Christmas, I asked for the first in your Bell Mountain series of books. I purchased the Kindle version of the first book a couple days ago. My wife bought me an Amazon gift card so I could purchase Kindle versions of books.

    I’ve got Ellayne and Jack just leaving the village. I’m enjoying the read, and look forward to continuing through the series.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    *Michael S. Heath* 207-956-0819

    1. Hello, Mike, welcome to my blog! I think I might’ve interviewed you some years ago, about the state of Maine wasting public money on some transgender project or other.

      I hope you enjoy my books. Hint: I can always use reader reviews on my amazon.com page.

      Say howdy to the Coach for me.

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