Mom Jailed for Letting Kids Play

A mother in Dallas spent a night in jail because a busybody neighbor called the cops on her for allowing her children to play without adult supervision ( ).

The charges were dropped because the woman was actually there all the time, but the neighbor didn’t see her.

Allow your children to play like human children, instead of prison inmates, and get arrested and thrown in jail–just as if you’d robbed a liquor store, or burned down your neighbor’s garage.

Do we really want our municipal governments to treat us like this? Do we really want our children NEVER to have any experience at all in making their own decisions–which is what kids do all the time, in “unsupervised play”? What kind of adults are they going to grow up to be, if they’ve never had a chance to use their own initiative?

Good little Democrats, most likely.

Meanwhile…Hey, Texas, wake up! Wake up now, or you’re going to wake up someday to find that your sweet red Texas has turned just as blue as darkest Massachusetts.

Take some time off bragging, and open your eyes. Your schools are run by the same wild-eyed lefty teacher unions that they have in California and New York, and the above incident shows you have laws on your books that might have been written in the depths of Danbury, Connecticut.

The termites are already munching away at your foundations.

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