Slimy Politician’s Snow Job

Here in New Jersey today, we have six inches of snow on the ground and the temperature is only in the teens. You should have seen the panic in the supermarket yesterday. A guy in front of me in the checkout line was buying a hundred  batteries. Was he getting ready for a winter snowstorm or the end of the world?

Meanwhile, in sunny Viet Nam, our country’s sleazy and disreputable Secretary of State–this was on the front page of The New York Times this morning–is yapping inanely about how we’ve just gotta have a global “climate change” treaty, otherwise Global Warming’s gonna fry us all, gimme your money, gimme your freedoms, and so on.

Hmm, lemme see now… It gets hot in the summer, and then it gets cold in the winter… And as we speak, a whole shipful of Global Warming alarmists from Australia is frozen into the ice around Antarctica, and there’s no icebreaker big enough to get through and rescue them. The passengers can be lifted off by helicopter, but it looks like the ice is going to eat their ship.

The Useful Idiot Nooze Media neglects to mention that practically every Global Warming/Green Party pinhead in Australia was on that ship to study the Global Warming-caused melting of the Antarctic ice pack. Well, who you gonna believe–your lying eyes and the frozen sea all around you, or your ideology?

Global Warming is too good a gig for Big Government, and they’ll never give it up–never, not if Hell itself freezes over. Saving The Planet gives them license to do anything they please.

May the Lord smite them and erase their works.

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    1. We are freezing our kiesters off today, sub-zero temps… and Lurch is shooting off his big mouth about Global Warming.

      Thanks, Cyril.

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