As The Blob Consumes Our Civilization…

You remember the old horror movie, with young Steve McQueen, about a shapeless blob-monster from outer space that devours everything in its path. It may be stale science fiction, but it’s a great metaphor to describe what’s happening to our country.

America is being swallowed up by a shapeless blob of idiocy.

Stop, look, listen. Limousine liberals yap about “Income Inequality” at $30,000-a-plate dinners. From his luxurious vacation hideaway in Hawaii, paid for by you and me, the Occupant of the White House chides Congress for taking vacations. Rolling Stone runs an editorial calling for abolition of private property ownership, “guaranteed jobs” for everyone, and a guaranteed income. Only “hard, old-fashioned communism” can save America, prattles an MSNBC talking head. And while the deep freeze settles in all over the country, Al Sharpton pops up on TV, dressed as Dr. Morgus (the old horror-movie host) in his mad scientist’s lab, to beat the drum for Global Warming.

I am convinced that a republic of nitwits cannot survive. I am even more convinced that a republic of puffed-up, God-hating, filth-loving, boring nitwits can’t survive–especially when they insist on being governed by even bigger nitwits.

Was Troy like this, the night the Greeks burned it down? Was this what made the Mayans abandon their cities to the jungle? Is this why the Indus Valley Civilization died without leaving behind a single word of its language, or the name of even a single person who lived in it, out of millions?

Betcha it was. I betcha it was.

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