The Sleep of Sanity

“The sleep of reason produces monsters.”  –Goya

How right was Goya when he said this? I mean, he’d never been to Massachusetts.

There’s a lawsuit going in Massachusetts–don’t you just love wacko lawsuits as an irresistible instrument of social change?–filed by a woman who had herself surgically mutilated to become a “man,” and then decided, afterward, that “he” wanted to get pregnant and bear a child. [Source:, Jan. 14, “Our Crazed Sexuality Standards,” by Mona Charen]

She went to one fertility clinic, but they turned her away, saying they had no experience in a case like this. But another clinic facilitated a high-tech circus pregnancy, and in due course, a child was born into bizarre circumstances more monstrous than anything Goya ever thought of.

This lost soul is now suing the first fertility clinic, and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination is supporting the suit: obviously the clinic should have been forced to help this intensely perverted woman suck an innocent child into her grotesque travesty of a life.

Lesson: If your state has anything like a Commission Against Discrimination, your state has too much money and its budget should be slashed until there are no more government agencies devoted to screwing up our culture.

“Male and female created He them,” says the Bible.

But we create monsters.

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