Christmas and Kong

OK, I’m late today: couldn’t help it. I had to take down my Christmas tree, it took me all morning, and I’m tired. And I already miss it almost as much as my cats do.

Furthermore, for the sake of my sanity, I just have to take a day off writing about culture rot–which will continue at its frenetic pace whether I report on it or not. Someday, I pray, the people will wise up to what their ruling class is doing to them.

So, instead, I will briefly review one of the nice movies that I got for Christmas–Son of Kong, the fine sequel to King Kong, made the same year with the same sets, same director, same Willis O’Brien special effects, and most of the same cast.

Son of Kong is the only movie I know that deals with the aftermath of letting a monster loose to wreak havoc on a city. Carl Denham (played by the wonderful Robert Armstrong) is in a heap of trouble for bringing King Kong to New York City. In addition to lawsuits galore, he’s about to be indicted by a grand jury. Skipper Englehorn, whose ship brought King Kong to the city, figures he’s next. So when he suggests to Denham that they hop back aboard the ship and skip town, he doesn’t have to ask twice.

After bumming around the armpits of the China Sea, Denham and the Skipper return to Skull Island, Kong’s island, in search of a treasure that they hadn’t known about, the first time. A young woman accompanies them as a stowaway. (For some reason, Fay Wray didn’t want to go back to Kong’s island. Go figure.) Anyhow, they find the treasure, and something else–King Kong’s offspring. We are not given any information as to the whereabouts of Queen Kong; but Junior is friendly, and he saves the lives of Denham and the girl when they’re attacked by a giant cave bear. Meanwhile, the Skipper and the Chinese cook, Charlie, are attacked by a Styracosaurus–another one of O’Brien’s marvelous creations.Note that Willis O’Brien, decades ahead of the scientists, depicted dinosaurs as active, fast-moving creatures. If this Styracosaurus had ever run into the Tyrannosaurus from the original King Kong, there would have been a battle royal.

I won’t spoil the story by saying any more about it. I originally saw this gem of a movie on TV, on Million Dollar Movie (“If you missed any part of Son of Kong, or wish to see it again, the next showing is at such-and- such a time”:–remember that?), and my friends and I couldn’t wait to trot out our toys and re-enact the movie, using my chess set to simulate the treasure.

Hey, have some fun–see if you can find this film on youtube, or spring for a few bucks and order it from

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