Ninnie Links ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Income Inequality’

As yet another host of globalist nincompoops gathers at Davos, Switzerland, a boob named Aron Cramer, representing Business for Social Responsibility, solemnly informs the world that Global Warming is “directly linked” to the great progressive bugaboo of “Income Inequality” (see ).

Libs ‘n’ progs are creating a unified field theory of pure idiocy, binding into one great bale of drivel Global Warming, Income Inequality, Homophobia, and a return to good old-fashioned Communism. Put ’em all together, and you get an earthly paradise.

Everyone who goes to these wing-dings at Davos is as rich as Croesus. Hey, Aron Knucklehead–when are you going to send me a big fat check to make my income equal to yours?

How has it ever come to pass that such an army of hypocrites, liars, and fools has so much money, so much power, and so much influence? Where do they get these people?

Is anyone really, truly stupid enough to believe that, if governments apply enough coercion, there could actually be “Income Equality”? Can this be achieved by a gang of incredibly rich left-wing dorks wielding untrammeled dictatorial powers?

Remember Michael Jordan? He doesn’t play basketball anymore; but over the years, without going to Davos, without presuming to lecture the rest of the world, without setting himself up as an oracle of secular wisdumb, Michael Jordan has given away some $350 million to assorted charities. Betcha that’s many times more than the whole crowd at Davos put together.

Why don’t these rich, elitist gasbags simply give away their money? For the cost of fueling Aron Cramer’s private jet, you could live like a king.

Honestly, sometimes you could just sit down and weep.

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  1. Expecting them to do anything logical is whistling in the wind. Not gonna happen. Logic is the one thing that they do not believe exists, and in their world, it doesn’t.

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