Your Old Toys Are Worth Big Bucks

I was shocked when I discovered that my little plastic dinosaurs from the 1950s, manufactured by Marx Toymakers, now sell for anywhere from $5 each, for the really little ones, to $20 each for the big tyrannosaurs and brontosaurs.

I have an awful lot of these. Many of them came in a play set that cost $5 at the time–which my father said we couldn’t afford, it was way too much money; but then I got it as a Christmas present. Others were purchased individually, from 10 cents to 25 cents each. Quite a few I acquired by trading with other kids (“Look, I’ll give you four army men for that stegosaurus”).

Then there are the little dinosaurs that used to come free inside boxes of cereal, and the big wax ones made by the Miller Company. I only have a couple of those, because they were notoriously fragile and easily broken. I don’t know what my Miller stegosaurus would fetch on eBay.

If I sold off all my toy dinosaurs, I would probably get a couple hundred bucks for them (I can just imagine the shocked expression on my father’s face: he worked at the Ford plant, and worked hard, and here we’re talking several weekly paychecks’ worth of stupid little toys).

But then they would be gone, and I’d never get them back. The family members who gave them to me as loving little gifts, they’re all gone.

Too much is gone that was good.

I think I’ll keep my dinosaurs.

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