UK Bank Won’t Let Customers Withdraw Their Money

Suppose someone owed you money. What would you think if you asked him to pay up, and he replied, “What do you want it for?” “Well,” you might say, “I want to make some repairs on my car.” And what would you think if he said, “Sorry, that’s not a good enough reason”? And he wouldn’t let you have your money.

You’d think something was fishy, wouldn’t you–like maybe his bookie has your money, and he won’t pay you because he doesn’t have it anymore?

A few days ago, customers of the HSBC Bank, in Britain, were stunned when tellers wouldn’t let them withdraw “large sums”–whatever that means!–of their own money, unless they told the bank what they wanted it for and the bank decided it was a good reason. (See ) It’s a new “policy.” Somehow the word “policy” has come to mean “We’re screwing you and we won’t stop, so take a hike.”

What gives here? What’s going on that we’re not being told about? In conjunction with assorted world leaders and big shots floating trial balloons about switching over from freedom to communism, and doubling down on Global Warming in the middle of the coldest winter in 100 years, and the whole Western world’s ruling class trying to exalt homosexuality to a privileged status, this business with the bank is more than fishy–it’s downright ominous.

What are these people up to, our glorious rulers?

I don’t know. But I’m sure it won’t be very pleasant, finding out.

3 comments on “UK Bank Won’t Let Customers Withdraw Their Money

  1. To learn more about this-go to jsmineset. Actually our money in the banks is there on loan. Maybe the “loan” may not be repaid. Got a mattress? Dave

  2. Cyprus comes to mind. If I recall not only did they ban large withdraws but they took money from the largest accounts to pay for their bailout. They would have taken more if there was not a backlash. Maybe they want to see how much they can get away with before the people revolt. And apparently it’s quiet a bit.

    1. It’s hard to figure out. Britain is supposed to be solvent: they haven’t taken any bailouts from Germany.

      Something big and bad is shaping up, just beyond the horizon.

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