They Can’t Help Telling Us Who They Are

Remember, last summer, when pro-abortion demonstrators broke into a chant of “Hail, Satan”? (Refresh your memory by revisiting my blog post for July 5, 2013, “Hail Who? Do They Know What They’re Saying?”)

Well, they’ve done it again, or something close enough, this time at the Grammy Awards, a few nights ago. ( )

First they put on a mass wedding which included same-sex “couples,” so they can say, “See? See! We toldja! It’s just the same as any other marriage!”

Having mocked the sacrament of holy matrimony, they gave the stage to former Christian Katy Perry and her garbage music–dressed as a witch, caterwauling and gyrating like someone whose sleeping bag was filled with itching powder, climaxing with her getting burned at the stake… “kind of witchy and dark,” she said. Lots of special-effects smoke and fire.

But also kind of satanist (“as if I was a witch warning this man not to fall in love with me, and, if you do, know I’m going to be your last”)–why does this stuff always sound so jejune when you actually type it out? I mean, really–what a load of crap.

Still, we have to be thankful for their unintended candor. Juxtaposing marriage-mockery with witchcraft tells us all we need to know about these people.

Once you accept the mark of the Beast, can you ever have it taken off?

2 comments on “They Can’t Help Telling Us Who They Are

  1. The music industry protects its own. The new movie coming out “Unplanned” is anti-abortion so the producers request for permission to use 10 copyrighted songs was denied (they did approve of one). For them, standing for Satan is more valuable than money

    1. If they’re not actively serving evil, Rush Limbaugh said today that corporations, schools, and everybody else gives in because they’re afraid of being labeled Biggits, etc.–and that might cause their business to be destroyed. It’s a powerful threat, and probably why no one stands up to Far Left Crazy.

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