Oh, Look! Jesse James is in Charge of the Banks!

First they confiscated the life savings of the people of Cyprus, to pay back a German bail-out.

Then the British banks tell their customers they can’t withdraw their money unless they have “a good reason.”

Now we learn that European Union bureaucrats plan to plunder the savings accounts of 500 million (!) customers ( http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2014/02/eurocrats-prepare-to-confiscate-savings-accounts-2806336.html ). The news was originally reported by Reuters, and no agency of the EU has denied it. (The link above provides a link to the original Reuters story).

So, while they scare you with Global Warming (while you’re freezing your kiester off), and distract you by demanding that you “celebrate” homosexuality, they’re getting ready to grab the savings of 500 million people. You won’t need to ask “What is that horrible great sucking sound?” when you hear it. It’s the socialist vacuum cleaner sucking up everybody’s money that they worked for.

They don’t use the word “confiscate.” Oh, no–they’re just going to “mobilize” everybody’s money and “invest” it. (Two-minute break for hysterical laughter.)

But, hey, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good. If you twaddled away your money on beer and lottery tickets and junk you saw advertised on TV that fell to the pieces within minutes of taking it out of the box, and you have no savings at all–well, just think of how smart you’ll feel, compared to those poor devils who worked hard and put money aside for future needs.

And best of all, if you’re a drone and a parasite, you can be sure your angels in the government will see that you get a little bit of those other people’s hard-earned money. They’ll keep most of it for themselves, of course, and they’ll have a good laugh over their cocktails and caviar at Davos–but they’ll never let the dole dry up.

But I would like to see what happens when there’s no more money left to steal.

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