Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

I was reading a piece yesterday in which the writer complained that Fox News had tricked a lot of people into being climate change deniers. This is boilerplate liberal bushwa. Like, if it wasn’t for Fox News messing with our minds, we’d just naturally be clamoring for Agenda 21, a carbon tax, Common Core, Obamacare, sodomite pseudomarriage, and all the rest. It can’t possibly be their wicked and idiotic ideas that are turning us off, so it must be Fox News.

Well, I don’t have television, I consider Fox News lukewarm and spineless when it comes to opposing statism, and I have other reasons for not buying into Global Warming. To wit:

1. I am freezing my kiester off. The whole country’s in the icebox. I look out my window and it’s snowing sideways. This is not caused by things getting warmer.

2. Global Warming is pushed by Democrats, and the truth is not in them. If a Democrat inadvertently tells the truth about anything, he has a blood pressure surge, foams at the mouth, and requires medical attention.

3. The agenda of the Warmists is flagrantly obvious. “Give us unheard-of powers over every aspect of your lives, pay colossally high taxes to us, obey us in everything–and we’ll save you from the Global Warming.” Yeah, yeah.

4. I am still freezing my kiester off.

5. If it’s really such a terrible crisis, then how come all the big, important GW alarmists are living in gigantic mansions, riding around in stretch limos, and zipping off to Davos in their private jets at the drop of a hat? Talk about a carbon footprint! If hypocrisy was bricks, these guys would be the Great Wall of China.

6. “Climate Change Scientists” and their auxiliaries have been caught lying and cheating so often, it becomes obvious that lying and cheating are their regular stock in trade.

7. Instead of openly debating the issue, they rely on name-calling, threats, intimidation, and scare tactics. This is not how honest men behave. This is how liars and cheaters behave when they’re afraid of getting found out.

8. I am freezing my kiester off.

9. Some of these mountebanks have admitted that they have exaggerated and told fibs in order to “emotionalize the issue” so that the public would listen to them and do as they say. Where I come from, that’s called lying.

10. There is nothing we can do on earth to nullify the action or inaction of the sun. If there is Global Warming, then the sun is doing it and it’s mere bullying and deception for our glorious leaders to tell us that they can put a stop to it by taking away our light bulbs and air conditioning.

I could go on, but it’s too cold to write any more.

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  1. The whole agenda of Climate Change is to get people to buy into Communism (or some other ism). Your right, they use the same tactics when debating evolution, bully, intimidate, ridicule.

  2. In terms of the notion that only the sun and not the earth’s atmosphere affects warming – what about the well-documented hole(s) in the ozone layer due to PCPs? The atmosphere is incredibly delicate and very small concentrations of gas can make a difference.

    This doesn’t respond to about 99% of your post, but it’s enough for me to think that there should be an actual dialogue among scientists, with less name calling on both sides.

    1. The problem is that there has never been a debate, and that is entirely the fault of the Warmists, who have consistently refused to answer questions or discuss the matter. “The science is settled” and “the debate is closed” have always been their watchwords–with big-deal Science wallahs like James Hanson and David Suzuki calling for “climate change denial” to be made a crime punishable by a prison sentence.

      I’ll start listening to these people the day Al Gore debates Lord Monckton.

  3. I don’t know why politics would be at all mentioned in this article. Scientists are not politicians. If you don’t trust 99% of American scientists, please look over the ocean at the EU, who begs us (along with the second offender, China) to crack down with environmental laws, since they’re affected by our behavior too. My husband is from Denmark, and our Global Warming denial is consistently the single-most embarrassment I have of our country (and which frankly shocks him). And I think the reason this is happening is it’s associated with politics, not science. And it’s stunting us.(Do we really want our country to be lumped in with China?)

    PS: Scientists predicted and have explained why you are colder: The cold belt at the top of the earth is now gone, and the jet streams have all changed. For visible references, this Vanity Fair article shows the deterioration of our Malibu and Nantucket coasts over a 30-year span: http://www.vanityfair.com/society/2013/08/end-of-malibu-nantucket-erosion. Does this not jar you?

    1. Kristine, the reason politics is mentioned in this article is that Global Warming is about nothing but politics.

      You sound like an intelligent person. Surely you can’t believe that, if only we set up several more mammoth government bureaucracies, and tax people to death to pay for them, and take away their light bulbs, etc.–voila! Nice balmy weather all the time! But the only thing balmy about that is the claim itself.

      Really–how many times do these GW pushers have to be caught lying and cheating, fudging their figures, overemphasizing data that agrees with their little melodrama while suppressing data that doesn’t, covertly campaigning to defund, silence, and intimidate anyone who questions them, publish World Wildlife Fund newsletters as “peer-reviewed scientific papers,” sue their critics, demand that their critics be condemned as criminals and fined or put in jail–how much of that can they get away with, before you stop believing them?

      If the big Global Warming promoters, like Al Gore and assorted politicians and movie stars, really and truly believed what they were telling the rest of us, why would they themselves continue to make carbon footprints the size of mountains?

      When politicians who have long, long track records as liars and hypocrites tell you something, is it not reasonable to assume they’re just telling more lies?

      Anyone who believes anything said by Barack Obama or John Kerry urgently needs his head examined.

  4. Arguably America has the best scientists in the world – and if 99% of them believe in climate change, why as a country do we not believe them? Are 99% of our scientists lying, cheating, and fudging their figures, even though eventually they would tarnish their own legacies? Why are we fighting NASA and Bill Nye our Science Guy, who says “there is no debate in the scientific community” about climate change (Meet the Press)? What reason did he ever give us to discredit him? Do we believe anything our scientists say – or just not this? And if we’re not examining statistics and tracking jet streams ourselves, how do we justify searching the internet to find reasons to tell them they’re melodramatic? This issue has been on the table decades before Obama. If scientists have statistics and Obama states them, does that dispute scientists’ statistics?

    And if this is all about Democrats and American politics, why would the UN introduce the Kyoto Agreement or the EU spend hundreds of millions to reduce emission of greenhouses gasses?

    America has the scientists who can fix this – but we have to start trusting their expertise and get out of their way.

    1. Yes, Kristine, scientists lie, like everybody else. Example: “There is consensus, 99% of scientists believe in Global Warming, blah-blah.” That is not a fact. It is a lie.

      Bill Nye is an entertainer, not a scientist. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. All he does is parrot the mantras of GW “science.”

      The Kyoto Agreement is baloney, and the UN is a liars’ club.

      And if the sun is warming the earth–while we’re freezing our butts off–no, scientists and politicians and movie stars can’t fix it.

      It never ceases to amaze me, how people are so willing to believe anything and everything said by anyone who purports to be a “scientist.”

    2. At this point I feel like I must repeat my comment that the atmosphere is incredibly delicate and very small concentrations of gas can make a difference. Surely you don’t dispute that?

      Is there evidence that warming is being caused “by the sun” as in by conditions outside of earth’s atmosphere? If so, I think a lot more people would be more skeptical of global warming.

    3. Chris, it comes down to that: what kind of evidence would I have to see, regarding “man-made Global Warming,” that would convince me to give government vast, unheard-of powers, at colossal cost, while I sign away liberties that will never be recovered?

      That kind of evidence does not exist.

    4. But all the gaps aren’t closed here. I don’t want to argue about 99% of the scientists, since that can be validated with a simple Google search. What motive would all of them have to lie? And if politicians wanted to control us, surely they could come up with a more effective strategy or better reason than a weather theory – surely other theories could control us more. And what about NASA? They published a model this week of how climate change created the polar vortex. And maybe the UN is a Liars’ Club – but what about all the nations (over one hundred) who ratified the Kyoto Agreement (except for four, the U.S. and Sudan being two of them)? It’s expensive to adopt, so wouldn’t a few more refuse to sign it? And what about the EU spending hundreds of millions during a global recession? What about all the pictures and data of coasts and ice caps – how does that get pulled off? Wouldn’t scientists in other nations produce differing ones? What about Australia (where it’s now summer) smashing all their high-temp records – and Scandinavia hitting a balmy 60 degrees this month – and California recording the worst drought in history – and Seattle in the past decade hitting their highest temperature ever along with the highest amount of rainfall in one day? So on and so on.

      When the dust storms of the 1930s started in the south, only a few scientists thought it was from plowing under all the vegetation – which seemed absurd at the time, but FDR went with it (thank God), and they came up with outside-the-box ideas on how to get the vegetation back into dried-up ground, and it all went back to normal. We absolutely can change the climate, and we have to figure out how to recover what we can.

    5. You’ve left out the analysis of why different groups are interested parties and do in fact have incentives to lie.

      Scientists have an incentive to lie because they get a lot of funding out of it.

      The UN has an incentive to lie because it exists in order to control people.

      The fossil fuel industry has an incentive to lie because it would have to bear a substantial portion of the costs of climate change mitigation.

      Who is more likely to be lying is left as an exercise to the reader.

    6. Did you sleep through Climategate?

      Do you trust the Oil For Food gang with hundreds of billions more of your tax dollars?

      Every time the weather changes–which is all the time–should we set up yet another government bureaucracy?

      The dust storms of the 1930s were not “climate change.” They were a predictable phenomenon caused by overtaxing the land. No one got up on stage to suggest it was “directly linked to income inequality” or homophobia or whatever.

      The mission of NASA has become political, not scientific.

    7. Talk to a scientist who knows about the subject. Get your facts from someone who studies this planet for a living. Man you guys are something else.

    8. Talk to a “scientist,” eh? Well, there’s a problem. All you’re going to get is “Shut up! The science is settled! The debate is over!” Not that there ever was a debate. And then we have James Hansen and David Suzuki frothing at the mouth, “Climate Change denial is a crime, and ought to land you in prison!” and Michael “Hide the decline” Mann suing his critics. How are we supposed to talk with such people? And why waste our breath? The Climategate Scandal leaves no room for the slightest doubt: Global Warming is a hoax. Period.

    1. Kristine, why do you continue to believe these people? This is the same IPCC that put out World Wildlife Fund press releases as “peer reviewed scientific papers” and predicted all the Himalaya glaciers were going to melt away in short order.

      Tell me–if these characters really, truly believed all this stuff they’re telling us, then why do they continue to live in enormous mansions (Al Gore owns several), travel in private jets and limousines, and leave “carbon footprints” the size of Mt. Rushmore?

      Why have they persistently refused to engage in meaningful debate?

      You need a refresher course in Climategate.

  5. 99% of climate scientists do not live in mansions and travel by jets/limousines. Climategate was universally panned by international panels, scientific agencies, 99% of scientists, reports, reviews, universities, and governments as a PR stunt. All I have to do is look out the window to see this is really happening.

    1. Gee, I look out my window and it’s cold.

      And of course they would “pan” Climategate! They don’t want to lose out on all the goodies.

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