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Sometime very soon–in fact, I can’t imagine what’s holding it up–the sixth book in my Bell Mountain series, The Palace, will go on sale. It’s action-packed, I promise you. And editing has started on #7, The Glass Bridge.

But at the forefront of my mind is #8, which is nowhere near having a title. What it has, so far, is a lot of plot problems to solve and a number of tantalizing scenes that have bubbled up in my imagination. I can hardly wait to start writing them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can tell you about them without spoiling the preceding two books. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

Beyond #8 I cannot yet see anything. I pray the ideas will keep coming: they are gifts from God.

I wonder if I’ll be called to go back into Obann’s past–maybe all the way back to the story of King Ozias and his reign. Maybe back to the wreckage left after the destruction of Obann’s Empire. Then again, maybe Book #9 will take me some years into Obann’s future. I’ll just have to wait and see what the Lord gives me.

Meanwhile, I’m eager for reader feedback, either here on the blog or as Customer Reviews on Sometimes writing a novel is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean.


2 comments on “My Next Book

  1. Sometimes writing a novel is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. I thought you were going to say “….and shaking it up!”

    When are you going to send every body to the new world and tell us what that’s like? Maybe you could start some adventures going there! For sure they’d be new ideas: “Going further in and further up” and leaving the dwarfs behind! How long do the Arbanns live. (I’m not sure I emember the correct name; you’ll have to excuse the vacancy in certain areas of the old brain! Thanks

    1. The Obannese are ordinary people with ordinary life-spans.

      And before they can start searching out new worlds, they’ll have to get over their deep and abiding fear of the sea. And don’t ask me why they’re so afraid of it, because I don’t know. Something terrible happened along the seacoast, a thousand years ago, and the records of that time are lost, the memory is muddled.

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