Tots ‘Having Sex’ in Public School

If you think I’m going to post a picture of a couple of little kids “having sex,” think again. What do you think this is–a public school? So here is a picture of some wildflowers instead–more of God’s stuff that is so much better than ours.

Check out this news story: “Teacher Faces Ax Over Naked Kids ‘Having Sex'” ( ).

When the kindergarten teacher checked the bathroom, she found two five-year-olds naked, and they told her they were “having sex,” according to the police report. No charges were filed, but the teacher has been suspended, and may be fired.

Somehow I doubt this was only that teacher’s fault; she might even be a scapegoat. After what I’ve seen and read about public schools’ sex education programs, it would be astonishing if five-year-olds were not having sex. If we dismiss the unlikely possibility that their parents taught these kids to “have sex,” and if we resist the temptation to single out the teacher as a crazed rogue–well, then?

I’ve been researching and writing about public school sex education for over a decade. I’ve attended sex educators’ conventions. I have read through the teacher manuals and the textbooks.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s every bit as awful as you’ve ever heard, if not more so.

Christian parents wouldn’t dream of allowing their children to be educated by Muslims.

But they seem perfectly content to have them taught by moral imbeciles.

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  1. A long long time ago, the kids called it “playing doctor”. I presume that “playing doctor” goes back centuries, perhaps before even the written word.

    1. Five years old seems awful young, even for “playing doctor.” And to do it in school?

      But the truth is that “educators” mean to sexualize children as young as possible. The evidence is incontrovertible.

    2. When we were children, playing doctor meant giving shots, checking temperatures, tummy aches, reflexes and the like. We never heard of sex or anything like it at that age! Most of us didn’t realize there were ‘differences’.

    3. Yep. We knew what a doctor was and that’s what we were imitating – not some new ‘enlightened’ definition.

    4. We even had a doctor kit with candy pills, a toy stethoscope, and one of those mirror thingies doctors used to wear on their foreheads.
      Sex was not mentioned.

    5. We recently bought one of those kits for our granddaughter – and believe me, she’s never heard of sex. However, she does enjoy giving everyone a checkup. We all have to take turns while she lets us know if we’re ‘doing pretty good’ or if we’re ‘a little under the weather’ 🙂 That’s pretty good for a 3 year old!

    6. Not quiet the same. They specifically said they were “having sex”. Not generally something a 5 year old would know about.

  2. It strikes me that children need to learn about sex from their parents. The first problem is that parents need to take this responsibility and to realize that the subject of sex will probably come up in a child’s life earlier than we would like. When parents teach their children about sex, the setting is one of decency and the information is coming from a trusted source. The cid comes away from the conversation with a much better chance of having a balanced viewpoint of such matters.

    Unfortunately, my parents didn’t deal with this and I learned about sex from neighbor kids. Then I walked around feeling guilty, because I knew about something that my parents apparently didn’t think I should know. It was a bad situation.

    One of the reasons that schools began to teach sex education courses is because parents weren’t teaching their children properly. The problem with this, of course, was that the setting was not one of a private conversation between parent and child, but instead, a very public matter, in a schoolroom. The other problem is that schools may have a much different take on sexual morality than parents. I suspect that one big reason there is so much immorality today is the lack of moral guidance in sex education classes. If children are told that it’s OK to have sex at will as long as you practice birth control and safe sex, then it’s no surprise when they set their own moral standards.

    1. Schools *may* have a different take on sexual morality? You have a gift for understatement!

      In a certain public high school that I taught in, the sex ed textbooks could not ever leave the schoolroom. The reason, of course, was that they didn’t want the parents to see what they were teaching their children.

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