Canada Avoids Gays vs. Muslims Showdown

Two years ago in Toronto, a lesbian went into a Muslim barber shop and tried to force them–by filing a complaint with the “Human Rights” Tribunal–to give her a haircut (see my Nov. 20, 2012 post, “A Canadian Tragedy (Or Is It a Farce?)”).

Wow! What was going to happen? No Muslim has ever lost a case before a “human rights” tribunal. No homosexual or lesbian has, either. Which “protected class” of citizens would reign supreme in Canada?

Well, now we hear the case has been settled behind the scenes, with both sides bound by a confidentiality agreement to keep us from ever finding out what happened (see ). We also learn there was a unisex barbershop just down the street, but the lesbian wanted the thrill of forcing someone to act against his religion. Where did she think she was–the United States?

Under Canadian law, both homosexuals and Muslims have rights far superior to those enjoyed by, say, Christians. So what was going to happen here? I was looking forward to a great steel cage match.

Now we can only speculate.

Did the tribunal shake down some Christians and buy off the lesbian, the Muslim barber, or both?

Did someone explain to the lesbian that it’s really, really dangerous to mess with Muslims? That there are more Muslims in Toronto than there are “gays,” and you really shouldn’t get them riled? Not if you want to keep your head attached to the rest of you.

Every day in the news, we see sodomites bullying Christians, using the coercive apparatus of the state to try to force Christians to take part in “gay” pseudo-weddings, etc. We have not yet, in America, seen them try to pull this trick on Muslims or Orthodox Jews.

But in Canada the steel cage match has been postponed–for how long, who can say?

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