The Phony Consensus

There are still poor, benighted people out there who actually believe that scientists are much less dishonest than other groups of sinners, and that there really and truly is a vast scientific “consensus” that says human activity has caused Global Warming, blah-blah.

The “consensus” is not real, but rather the creation of nooze media that seem to be quite a bit more dishonest than other groups of sinners.

How did they create it? Simple–they just gave plenty of air time to Global Warming alarmists, and systematically excluded any scientists who disagreed ( ). In particular, the nooze operations at ABC and CBS went 1,300 days without allowing a single skeptical scientist to be heard, while ringing in a parade of Climate Change fanatics and snake-oil merchants. (The link above has all the facts and figures.)

I am a fantasy writer. I write stories that are not true, and get paid for it.

The difference between me on one hand, and the noozies and “Climate Change scientists” on the other, is that they get paid a lot more than I do, and I admit my stories aren’t true. Also, I don’t get a thrill out of imposing higher taxes on my fellow citizens and abridging their liberties.

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  1. Yhere a lot more like you; they just don’t run around waving banners and telling lies. It will surprise those who have flies in their eyes and can’t tell the truth from a lie when Truth finally gets her day and say! Truth is not really stranger than fiction, it’s real, it’s strong, and everlasting as well as freeing! I’m a fan of Truth. Fiction can make its own way.

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