A Simple Formula for Tyranny

To understand events in this fallen world, in this haunted age, keep in mind this simple formula.

                         Science + Politics = Trouble

Trouble for who? Why, for you and me, of course. But also for those suckers who think they’re gonna be on top, but will surely wind up on the bottom with the rest of us.

Folks, this has roots running deep into the 19th century–this depraved dream that, if we harness the limitless and infallible powers of science to a political agenda, we’ll have paradise on earth. It rests on an elitist conviction, or rather a pagan religious conviction, that most people are hopeless idiots and they need a ruling class of scientific experts and political administrators to run their lives for them. Sort of like the way the Morlocks run the lives of the Eloi.

This is what Global Warming’s all about. This is why I spend so much time on it.

But it’s also what a great many people simply will not understand.

Please, people, please–open your eyes. Look at the world around us. To what country has more government ever brought more happiness?

As John Adams observed, if we were angels, we wouldn’t need any government at all. But there aren’t any angels in the government: and who is to govern those sinners who’ve been given so much power over others?

Be assured that they mean to cut down the tree of liberty and burn it to ashes. We can see them already floating their little trial balloons for communism. “Oh, well, sure–it didn’t work when Stalin did it: or Mao or Castro or any of those others. But now we are gonna run the show, and it’s gonna be great!”:

Please pay attention.

These people are more evil than you think.

3 comments on “A Simple Formula for Tyranny

  1. Evil-yes. And fascism or Communism or brutalism-we have seen plenty of it already . Call it what we will-the concept is the same–.tyranny of and by the minority, but FOR the majority.

  2. “But there aren’t any angels in the government: and who is to govern those sinners who’ve been given so much power over others?”

    That’s the problem, in a nutshell. Humans are fallible, and even the best intended humans can fall victim to damaging thought and behavior. Far worse are the truly malevolent whom seek positions of power in order to oppress and force their ways upon others.

    That’s why the government that governs least, governs best. Enforce laws against crime, protect the security of the nation and let people do their best.

  3. This post goes right along with the D’Souza movie I watched yesterday, “Death of a Nation.” The movie shows how FDR loved what Hitler & Mussolini were accomplishing when they first came to power, and how they praised FDR’s New Deal and hoped it succeeded. The movie showed how the Democrats opposed the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and even went to physical war against him, and how now the Democrats have gone to verbal war against Trump and are veering to physical violence.

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