I’m on the Air Tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow I return to Tim Wildmon’s American Family Radio ( http://www.afr.net ) for 15 minutes of fame, at 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time.

I’ll be there to launch my new book, The Palace, No. 6 in my Bell Mountain series. All six books are available in both paperback and Kindle, and can be ordered right here on this blog–just click “Books.” If you’ve already got them, tell your friends about ’em.

I’m not just fooling around here. I think it’s important to offer Young Adult readers stories that are clean, exciting, edifying, thought-provoking, and that they’ll remember, and come back to, for years afterward. Currently this market is stacked to the ceiling with vile stuff you wouldn’t use on the floor of your bird cage, once you read it. Help me and my editors elbow some of this junk off the shelves to make room for something better.

Meanwhile, editorial work has begun on No. 7, The Glass Bridge, a book which I think you’re going to like a lot. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like The Palace, too.

See you tomorrow!


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