Should I Change This Blog?

Somebody suggested I would sell more books if I laid off the “right-wing rants” on this blog.

What do you say, O readers?

Should I maybe do left-wing rants? I could yowl about Climate Change Denial, Income Inequality, Homophobia… and maybe spontaneously combust before I got much farther. But the whoopee crowd would love me.

Maybe I could rake in even more popularity if I changed the way I write my books, too. Throw in a lot of social pathology, let the Thunder King conquer Obann and put all the other characters to death, add a bit about gender choices and disgusting alternative lifestyles, and soak the whole thing in a stinking broth of atheism. (And don’t forget the sexy vampires!)

Wit you well, the American Library Assn. would like it! I might even be picked up by Scholastic Press. The finished product would be right smack dab in the middle of the mainstream of Young Adult fiction today.

But then, of course, I would deserve spontaneous combustion.

Waddya think, folks? Don’t be bashful–speak up.

9 comments on “Should I Change This Blog?

  1. Better, as you are, to be right than smart. Certainly the birthright/pottage mess still applies. For the dimmy light bulb who wants you to switch to Western indulgence, just tell him to start digesting the nutricous ” mental health” food you supply him (her?), instead of liberally stiff necking the free opportunity.

  2. SO! what good would you then be? And who would want to pray for your success? Especially, would you have the support of the most influential and mightiest Being in the (no not “in”) above and beyond the universe? I think you know where we are coming from. (great grammar!) but grammar or not–we know when you’re kidding. Laugh out loud/LOL! The best one this morning!

    1. Well, then I would have to generate daily blog posts instead of just one, in addition to all my other work. And if all the politics was on one blog, what would I say on the other? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone would tune in every day to see what I have to say about fantasy books, mine and others.

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