I’ve Got My Copies of ‘The Palace’

As I was thinking up all sorts of things I should’ve said today on Mr. Wildmon’s show, the UPS man came with my author’s copies of The Palace.

Unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, it’s very hard to describe what goes through your mind when you hold in your hand a printed, published book, with a beautiful cover, that once was nothing but some thoughts and images in your mind, and then handwritten words on a legal pad, and then bits of chapters printed up so your wife and editor could read them…  And I ask myself, “Did I do this?”

Gee, I can’t wait to read it.

Does that seem ridiculous? After all, I wrote it–why should I want to read it?

That’s another thing that’s hard to explain.

But one thing I do understand is that this is God’s blessing–God gave me the story, and the ability to tell it, and brought together a lot of people who worked together to turn it all into a book: and I am thankful, and I give Him the glory.

Probably tomorrow I’ll go back to writing about controversial issues, etc. But that’ll be then. For now, I’ll just enjoy my book.

2 comments on “I’ve Got My Copies of ‘The Palace’

  1. I do know just how you feel and you are entitled to feel that way because, as you said, all the honor goes to our Creator by whom we have been endowed with the gift of creativity. Praise him. I was going to tell you why I feel the same way but perhaps I will do that via. another way. I can hardly wait to get MY hands on “The Palace”! As I’ve given your other books as gifts to my family, I doubtless will do the same with this one!

    1. Thanks, Dorothy–and if you love the book and feel motivated, I’d appreciate a Customer Review on the amazon.com page.

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