A Game of Drones

We have to go see my sister today–two to three hours on the Road of Doom, the Garden State Parkway–so I don’t have time to be terribly creative. Instead, let me pass you on to the wags at Honest Trailers, who have whipped up for us their take on “A Game of Thrones” (see http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/game-of-thrones-honest-trailer/ ). A new season of “Game of Thrones” is starting up on television, so here are some laughs at the show’s expense.

Let’s see… What is “Game of Thrones” about? Uh, the bad guys always win. That doesn’t really matter because nobody is really all that good, anyhow. Everyone who is able to do anything does evil.

Oh, and lots of bare-breasted women. They could have called this something that rhymes with “Your Hit Parade.”

This is supposed to be a fantasy, but it sounds more like a day’s sample of The Drudge Report. Why would anyone want to invent a world as lousy and befuddled as ours has been lately? They call it “dark fantasy.” I call it news.

Oh, well, the Honest Trailer is funny. A lot funnier than being tailgated on the Parkway, at least.

I’ll let you know if we come back in one piece.

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