‘The Right Side of History’ (Barf Alert)

Have you noticed the libs’ ‘n’ progs’ new catch phrase–that is, words introduced as a substitute for thinking?

Now, anyone who doesn’t embrace “gay” pseudomarriage and the “gender fluidity” twaddle is (drum roll)… on the wrong side of History!

Marxists have always been keen on impersonal, irresistible forces blindly propelling humanity toward, well, perfect communism, or whatever else they think ought to be the goal. This used to be called “the dialectic,” but that term never appealed to anyone but nerdy pinheads who called themselves citizens of the world.

So now, see, The Right Side of History is men marrying men and women getting their boobs cut off and getting shot full of hormones so they can grow bad-looking beards and say they’re men. That is The Right Side of History, say lefty dingbats, and there’s just no point in trying to resist it.

Other things that are on The Right Side of History are Man-Made Global Warming, Redistribution of Wealth (coercively, by the government, of course), and Bringing Back Communism because it’s really the only form of government that can push us over into the earthly paradise.

Why do I use capital letters for this bilge?

Because the ninnies speak so portentously when they use these terms, you’d almost think they expected us to believe in them.

7 comments on “‘The Right Side of History’ (Barf Alert)

    1. By definition, they must always get worse. A “progressive” must continue to “progress” or cease to exist. So once they’ve reached today’s goal, they must immediately set another goal. It’s a kind of hysteria, actually. Or maybe an addiction. Nothing is ever enough.

    2. Phoebe, you’re absolutely right. Progs are never happy, you can never concede enough to them to please them. They have a hole in their being, and it can never be filled. God could fill it, but they have rejected Him. For them, political turmoil and strife is like potato chips to a morbidly obese compulsive eater.

  1. Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world. As citizens of His Kingdom, their ‘earthly paradise’ holds no lure to us. We cannot even comprehend it.

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