My Answer to a Schlub

Yesterday some stunata on the Internet, confounded because I wasn’t buying into his vision of Big Government, Big Science, Big Sodomy, and atheism as the keys to the earthly paradise, responded with this rhetorical flash: “You still don’t get it, do you, grandpa?”

Yes, it makes me mad to be insulted by a pygmy. I will have to learn to ignore it. Someone calling you names online is like a monkey throwing feces at you from way up in the treetop. Nothing you can do about it. You might as well argue with a cinderblock.

So, let’s see… I am worthy of disrespect and contempt because I’m old. That’s the Loving Left for you. My ideas are invalid because I’m old.

And yet I’m able to feel some compassion for this clown.

You poor sap. Because I am old, I have seen better things than you will ever see, and known better people than you will ever know. Because I’ve had more time than you, and used it as wisely as I can, I have accumulated much more knowledge than you will ever have. Because I read, I have access to times before my own.

That’s how I know that your warmed-over citizen-of-the-world, softcore Stalinist, repackaged 1930s socialism never has worked, anywhere, and never will. Because you are ignorant, you think these are all hot new ideas.

Well, OK–“gender choice” does seem to be a new idea. But because you have been maleducated in the left-wing bantustan of the university system, you just can’t recognize a truly lousy idea when you see one.

Lefties are people who never outgrow their ignorance and immaturity. That’s why their most trusty devices of argumentation are to shout and call names. Sometimes physical assault is on the menu, too, when the opportunity presents itself.

I guess the only thing you can say for so much ignorance is that the poor schlub doesn’t know he’s ignorant and doesn’t feel his lack of understanding. A few words from Harry Reid, a few minutes watching MSNBC, and he’s as right as rain.

But I am sure I would have more compassion for them if they weren’t allowed to vote.


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  1. I thank my God that I am old. I would certainly not relish being young and having to face what is coming upon this world with the dearth of education this generation is equipped with. Actually, don’t worry about voting; as we have seen, things do not happen with voting any more. The elections are so dishonest that they have become nothing more than charades.

    1. Imagine having to grow up in a world where they teach you, “You can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow, depending on how you feel.” Imagine being taught there is no God, no eternal life, no judgment, no justice–no nothing, except whatever Our Glorious Leaders feel like granting us.

      Now try to imagine believing that that kind of world is any good.

    2. I know, and it is most disturbing to look into the dead eyes of the young people, and I can only feel such hopelessness for what is coming.

  2. Ad-hominem’s are used when they can’t effectively defend their position. It’s their last line of defense. This guy and the rest of the useful idiots they think there being progressive, that what there doing something new and will create a utopia on earth. As the saying goes there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s been tried before and it never ends well. As Christians we know how this is going to end. There going to get their wish but it wont be pretty. I heard someone once say that man-made utopia is always satanic and this is true. It’s an attempt to create heaven on earth but without God and it will end in disaster.

  3. Not to worry, Lee. I once got a much more offensive response from one of them on facebook, in response to an article I posted. He cursed me and even cursed God. Sad state of affairs.

  4. I find it both amazing and dismaying, that after 50 years, we are right back to the ridiculous situation of the ’60s, complete with a new form of sexual revolution, new campus unrest and increasingly violent rhetoric from the “peace & love” faction. It sickened me in my teens when I saw it for the first time and I’m not any more impressed with it this time around.

    Sexual revolution? Actually, it’s nothing new at all. This has been happening for thousands of years. Two things have changed, however. First is the availability of newer and more effective forms of birth control which give the illusion that sexual activity can be separated from reproduction. Second is much greater travel worldwide, which means that obscure diseases which used to be confined to limited areas are now communicated worldwide. The HIV/AIDs epidemic of the ’80s was one example, the HPV near pandemic is another. Both have the potential for deadly consequences.

    When I was first coming of age, implying that someone engaged in sexual activity outside of marriage would probably be considered an insult. We didn’t lock the door to our home back in those days either. STDs were pretty much confined to the hardcore immoral, customers of prostitutes, etc. Sexual exploitation of children was rare, almost unheard of in most places and you didn’t read accounts of adults still troubled by things that happened to them when they were too young to even understand the implications of sexual activity.

    The changes of the last 50 years or so have hardly improved matters. We see more fractured families, much more homelessness, much more juvenile depression and even youth suicide. Tell me, how have matters improved since the liberal awakening of the ’60s?

    Statistically, I have perhaps 20 years left. That doesn’t bother me a bit. If “social progress” continues the way that is has in the last 20 years or so, the world will be a very frightening place by 2037.

  5. In willing ignorance they are lost. Jesus warned that His people perish from lack of knowledge and because they didn’t have a love of the truth. My grandfather-in-law used to say “with age comes wisdom”, but I think he was referring to an age gone by.

    It’s difficult to absorb attacks from idiots, Lee, but just try to remember their methods are very similar to the Pharisees and Scribes, and we certainly know Jesus’ opinion regarding them.

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