Goin’ Good (I Think)

I don ‘t know why this should be, but whenever you actually start writing a book, all hell breaks loose. In my case, it’s family members, friends, and neighbors suddenly falling ill, the phone ringing off the hook, assignments getting backed up into each other…

Nevertheless, I have proceeded to get The Temple underway, I’ve done the first few chapters, and I think it’s shaping up just fine.

I like to work outside. I can’t now, because they’ve got leaf blowers going next door. The noise would be infuriating.

Oh, but it’s good to get back into these books!

No. 7 in the series, The Glass Bridge, is in the process of being edited. It needs a Kirk DouPonce cover, and I need to write a cover blurb. I can’t say when all that work will be finished and the book will be released. In the meantime, I hope some of you will have enjoyed The Palace enough to favor it with a nice customer review on amazon.com.

There oughta be a law allowing you to shoot people who are running leaf blowers.

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