How to End Income Inequality

Libs ‘n’ progs and other Democrats are at it again with Income Inequality. They indulge a superstitious belief that, if only government executes the right policy, there will be Income Equality.

Can I have a nice big house like Al Gore has, when that happens?

It seems they’ve discovered a 700-page tome by a French economist, Thomas Piketty, who says capitalism doesn’t work, we gotta have a global tax on everyone and much higher taxes on “the rich,” otherwise Income Inequality will destroy us, yatta-yatta blah-blah-blah.

As we all know, socialism produces a lot of Income Equality and communism produces even more. And Pol Pot’s little experiment in Cambodia produced more yet.

But for the greatest example ever of creating Income Equality, history directs our attention to South Africa in 1856.

Distressed by the encroachments of the British settlers, the Xhosa nation harkened to a prophetess who told them that the spirits of their ancestors would chase the British out of Africa–but only if the Xhosa people first destroyed their own crops and killed off all their cattle.

So they did. They trashed their fields and killed between 300,000 and 400,000 cattle.

And presto! No more Income Inequality! The fact that the Xhosa population went from 105,000 to 27,000 is only an annoyance.

Do you think this is an incredible story? It’s a fact of history: you could look it up ( ).

This is the only historical example of the problem of Income Inequality actually being solved, if only temporarily.

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