‘Dems Say the Darnedest Things’ (2015)

And to think this was written well before the Perpetual Democrat Tantrum began on Election Night 2016… These people definitely don’t play with a full deck.


Obama, Libs Whine About ‘Fake News’

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As his travesty of a presidency draws to a close, President *Batteries Not Included joins with other Democrat soreheads in blaming “fake news”–especially that provided by the social media–for their defeat in this year’s presidential election ( http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/21/obama-joins-war-fake-news/ ).

Don’t you get a kick out of these people? If there’s anybody out there serving up “fake news,” it’s the big-time nooze media–bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. As late as 9:00 on Election Night they were still yapping about a Clinton landslide–and deceiving themselves, and their candidate, with their own fake news.

We can admit that there’s not a lot of quality control on the Internet, and possibly even less among the social media. But is there anybody out there who still believes the New York Times, or Rachel Maddow? And if you do, I have a cardboard time machine I’d like to sell you.

We are about as close as we can come, today, to having no reliable source of news at all. For many years our alleged “professional” noozies have been drifting farther and farther away from anything resembling a set of journalistic ethics. I know about this: I was a newspaper reporter and editor in the 1970s and 80s. “Journalists” today routinely do things that would have been considered utterly beyond the pale, back then–colluding with politicians to suppress news, accepting favors and payments from politicians, weeding out facts in favor of some desired “narrative”… it’s a long list.

So the Dems are angry now–not because the people consumed fake news, often that’s the only kind of news there is, but because they got the wrong fake news! Fake news from CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post–that’s fine. Inaccurate news from regular people posting on the social media–there oughta be a law!

And don’t think there won’t be one, if these rotters ever get back into power.

America really must buckle down to the business of making sure there is never, never, never again another Democrat government.

So It’s Got to be Clinton? Really?

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I’m tired of writing about this election, and I really dislike having to write about politics on a Sunday. But the big debate is scheduled for tonight, and I have to get this said beforehand.

I can’t follow the logic of this argument. Can you?

*Once, in an unguarded moment of idle foolishness, ten years ago, Donald Trump made a lewd comment.


We’ve got to have Hillary Clinton for our president.

We’ve got to have open borders.

We’ve got to import another million unvetted Muslim refugees, and turn our country inside-out to make them feel at home.

We’ve got to have higher taxes and more spending.

We’ve got to have the thugs from Black Lives Matter invited to the White House as honored guests.

We’ve got to have “pay to play” conducted right there in the Oval Office.

We’ve got to make “Climate Change Denial” a federal offense.

And so forth and so on.

All of those “got to’s,” and more, are the price we will have to pay for deserting Donald Trump for the sake of a single stupid remark.

A Hillary Clinton presidency is way too high a price to pay for that.

What Our Political Campaigns are Really Like

For a moment there, I thought this was a video of our 2016 presidential campaign–scavengers fighting over a carcass.

Then I remembered that the carcass of America is still a little bit alive, whereas the one in the video is entirely dead.

The Iwa Caucaus is Racist!

That dop lee had went out to by grossries, so i got his blogg And let me tel yiu, I am so sick and tyred of this Racist Iwa Caucaus!

How come they aloud to have this hear pollitacal thing for whites Only?? Jist imaggine that, all the Caucasians in Iwa get togheter to nombinate the nex Presssdint! and Yuo dont here nothin on the newes expect for this dum Iwa Caucaus. Wy dont thay jist put all them Repulbicans in Jale anyway?? Here at my collidge we dont allouw no Repulbicans and i dont see why we shuld alouw them in Iwa neither!

Wel i jist hope Hillery wins the hole thing and all them Repulbicans gets execcuted or somthing. Althughj Berny Sanders he reely is OK for a old wite guy who is relatted to Col Sanders. I get Upset watchin al this newes and it makes my Moth antenners go rond and rond in circles and i cant stopp them, it makes me dizy but thay tel me that wil get better after thay shoot me up with som more Moth Hormones.

I wuljde go out to Iwa myselff in case thay need a interllectural but i dont want nobody to misteak me for jis anuther white guy with Moth feelers on his fourhead.

Why ‘Trump is Winning’ is No Mystery

Isn’t it cozy, how President *Batteries Not Included and Speaker John Boehner can play golf together while our country turns into mush?

Watching the pinata game that is the Republican presidential nominating process, I find it amazing that the GOP bigwigs do not begin to understand how mad we are at them.

So they resort to pigs’ entrails and Tarot cards to try to explain “the Trump phenomenon.”  Let me see if I can make it simple for them–so simple, even a Republican big shot can understand it.

Guys, last November you told us you would stop Obama if we voted for you, so we did–handed you both houses of Congress. And then you turned around and spat in our faces. So we still have Obamacare and a ruptured southern border, and in addition to those, now we have homosexual pseudomarriage as “the law of the land” (without any law being passed) and an insane policy of helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

We do know that Donald Trump is not a “movement conservative,” whatever the dickens that is. What we do not know is what, if anything, “real conservatives” have been conserving lately.

Well, guys, we’ve had it. We’re not going to let you wipe your shoes on our faces anymore. We’re fed up with John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, the whole Bush gang, John McCain, and all the rest of them.

So we’re going to put Donald Trump in the White House, just to show you we can do it. He can’t possibly be anything but an improvement over what we’ve got now. But here’s what you Republican big shots must understand:

We support him because he’s not you.

We do not like what our leaders have allowed to be done to our country over the past seven years. We want it un-done. We want it scrapped and thrown away.

We reject you because you have been Obama’s accomplices.

It’s up to you to convince us that any of you should ever again be entrusted with a public office. I don’t know how you’re gonna do that, but you’d better think of something.

Libs and ‘The Unjust Lottery of Life’

Drop what you’re doing and head out to San Francisco for the May 31 “Startup Weekend” ( https://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-weekend-immigration-tickets-16092734803 ) featuring “Immigration is the Solution to the Unjust Lottery of Life.”

In the confused jumble of humanist religion, the random, chance-driven universe distributes its favors unfairly and unevenly. There is no God, but not to worry–the State, operated by Wise Leaders and Scientific Experts, will do all those things that God never got around to doing because, after all, He doesn’t exist.

Never mind. The State will redistribute the favors of life and correct the injustice of “life’s lottery.”

Libs have always been big on this lottery image. It fully squares with their vision of a Godless universe that created itself for no reason. Order and meaning must be imposed by human beings–but only the best and brightest of them. To wit: progressives, homosexuals, atheists, feminists, scientists, and the rest of the gang.

In this case, life’s lottery unfairly arranged for some persons to be born in the United States and others to be born in assorted Third World countries. Our rulers will correct this by allowing everyone in the Third World to immigrate to the United States. How this will avoid turning the USA into just another Third World country, no one explains.

Meanwhile, life’s lottery goes on letting some people be born handsome or beautiful, while others are homely, tall instead of short, healthy instead of burdened with a genetic disease, smart instead of stupid, etc. It’s all totally unjust, and our rulers must be given the power to correct these injustices. Absolute power, baby! If you want Utopia–and who doesn’t want Utopia?–that’s the price you gotta pay.

Just ignore the dirty little secret that our rulers aren’t wise, aren’t good, aren’t honest, aren’t even particularly intelligent, and spent the whole 20th century murdering their own countrymen in the name of this or that Utopian cause. Mao Tse-Tung alone wiped out at least 40 million Chinese in just five years, during his Great Leap Forward.

Oh, well: see you in San Francisco… not!

Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren’t Paid for Rioting

I know it sounds like a hoax, but apparently it’s true: rioters were promised $5,000 a month as payment for “protesting” in Ferguson, MO, over the police shooting death of a robber, and now they’re mad as wet hens because they haven’t been paid ( http://godfatherpolitics.com/22624/ferguson-protesters-promised-5000month-for-protesting-now-angry-over-nonpayment/ ).

They were allegedly stiffed by an organization called MORE (Missourians [lol] Organizing for Reform and Empowerment), which was created to replace ACORN when that august body went bankrupt. MORE is heavily subsidized by some guy name Sauron, who I think is the Dark Lord from The Lord of the Rings.

What is this country coming to, when you can’t get paid five gees a month for looting stores and shutting down a city? That’s more than a lot of us make for honest labor that actually produces something.

To treat this news with the respect it deserves, let us consult the Magic 8-Ball and peer into the future.

Six months from now: Missourians Organized for Rioting Or Nothing (MORON) files a class action suit in the federal district court, demanding full payment of all the money promised to the “protesters.”

“We rioted in good faith, and they just welshed on us,” said MORON attorney Gotno Braynze. “Man, I don’t know why Sauron did that! I mean, it’s just chump change to him. Hey, next time he wants a month’s worth of riots, let him send his Orcs. We want our money!”

A spokesman for the Dark Tower said the understanding was that the protests would culminate with nothing left standing in the town of Ferguson, MO. “Yesss, my precious–they welshhhhed on us firssst, they did! Gollum, gollum!”

Excuse Me–Is This Your Brain?

Nine loose brains have turned up along a street in a little village in upstate New York–yes, just lying about on the street ( http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2015/05/possible_dog_brains_found_in_st_lawrence_county_a_mystery.html ). And no, I’m not pulling your leg.

Police turned the brains over to a local veterinarian, who thought they might be dog brains, although he’s blamed if he knows how they came to be reposing on the sidewalk. Another authority thought the brains were more likely sheep brains.

No one is considering the possibility that these are undersized human brains, either mislaid by their owners when not in use, or else that fell out during strenuous exercise and have not as yet been missed.

Shouldn’t there be at least an advertisement in the local weekly? FOUND, in such-and-such a place, NINE BRAINS. To report a missing brain, contact the Governeur Village Police Dept.

We all know there are large groups of people who function without brains all the time–academics, college students, journalists, liberals, etc. Nevertheless, a lost brain can become a serious inconvenience, especially when playing bridge or trying to write a grocery list.

UPDATE; A check of the county voter rolls has shown nine voters who have only just recently registered as Democrats. Police are checking allegations that the Party requires new recruits to dispose of their brains before they can receive food stamps.

So You Want to Give More Power to the Government?

See that picture? It was taken inside a state-run psychiatric hospital–a facility recently abandoned and left to rust and rot. In fact, if you search for “images of abandoned psychiatric hospitals,” you’ll find a whole photo gallery.

Here’s another abandoned hospital, on the outside. Nice, isn’t it? And inside it’s full of metal and plastic and equipment and furniture that could have been salvaged, and should have been–but wasn’t.

Before we surrender absolute power to the government (so they can Save the Planet, or achieve Social Justice, or whatever), maybe we ought to take a closer look at what governments do with the power they already have.

In my home town some years ago, they decided they needed to expand the middle school. So they spent two years building a great big extension, at a cost of millions of dollars. And  very shortly afterward–while we were still paying for it!–they decided that they didn’t need the building after all, and shut it down. (So first we expand the schools, and then, almost immediately afterward, we contract them. Some folks just can’t make up their minds.) They left it shut down for a few years, refusing to do any maintenance, so they could later plead that the building–which we were still paying for!–was now unuseable, might as well sell the property and let the school be torn down so we can have some more condos.

At least if some developer’s bright idea goes belly-up, he’s stuck with the tab. Knowing that, the private sector does try to avoid disastrous money-losing schemes.

But we are on the hook for government’s disastrous money-losing schemes.

And please don’t forget how efficiently government protects New Orleans from hurricanes.