A Few Sassy Questions

You might like to try these out on your liberal friends and family members. These are questions that can’t be answered using prog ideology. Watch the fun when they try!

1. If the public schools are as great as the teachers’ unions say they are, then how come private “learning centers” are springing up everywhere you look? My home town is only two miles across, and we have several of them, including a new one that just opened.

1a. If you need to send your kid to a “learning center” because he or she is not learning bupkus in school, why do you continue to send the child to that school?

2. If “the people want gay marriage,” as our media and politicians and movie stars tell us, then how come 31 out of our 50 states have amended their constitutions to ban same-sex imitation marriage? It would be banned even in California, if the forces of evil hadn’t, as is their custom, found a friendly judge to nullify the people’s vote.

3. If human activity really is causing the climate to go out of whack, and if we really do have only 500 days before we’re all destroyed by “climate chaos” (as agreed recently between the foreign minister of France and the idiot John Kerry)… does that mean that if we pay real high taxes and let the government control our lives, we won’t get any more hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, or earthquakes? Can government really keep those things from happening?

3a. If John Kerry and Al Gore and all the rest of the Climate Gang really, truly believe in what they’re telling us to believe, then how come they still live in colossal mansions and zoom around in private jets?

4. If the leaders of the Democrat Party sincerely believe the government ought to create “income equality” in America, does that mean I’ll be given an income like Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s?

4a. Or does that mean that their incomes will be brought down even with mine?

Go ahead, ask these questions. It’ll be fun to see what answers you get–if their heads don’t explode first.

7 comments on “A Few Sassy Questions

  1. Most Leftids will start calling you names to shut you down because they are not capable for thinking for themselves. They leave their thinking up to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. In Hitler’s day he used mass rallies and gatherings where independent thought was taboo to brainwash the people, and usually held them at night.

    1. Liberals want people to feel lost and helpless so they can pose as their deliverers and make them their clients forever. It’s what makes the Democrat Party tick.

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