The Rise of Gaydeology

I was re-reading a message from someone who said he would never let his children read my books because he was afraid it would expose them to my value system, which he finds abhorrent. I hope I have made it clear, all along, that my “value system” (I don’t really like that term) is Christianity.

What this reader most objects to is my insistence that homosexual behavior is a grave sin because the Bible says so. But it has occurred to me that, if this person is old enough to be raising children–and taking them along with him to hang out with a “gay couple” who are his friends–then probably the value system he espouses didn’t even exist when he was born. My Christian standard, with its foundation upon Judaism, has been in place, unchanged, for thousands of years. His moral standard was created, as it were, in the blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, this very new notion that all sexual behavior is permitted, and that homosexuality and transgenderism (or whatever you want to call it) are especially worthy of esteem–this perverse and evil code has swept the Western world and carried off its ruling class, its pseudointelligentsia, its culture-shapers, and all those people willing to be shaped by culture.

This has happened with terrifying speed. The world has seen nothing like it since the rise of Islam–and we all know what a great blessing that turned out to be.

Will we be stuck with this for the next 1,500 years? Or will it wither up and blow away as suddenly as it descended on us? God grant the latter.

In the meantime, what I have come to call “:Gaydeology” has all the earmarks of a new false religion, as fierce and intolerant as Islam; and we have not yet seen the worst of it.

But the word of the Living God shall stand, and Christ shall reign. May God give us strength.

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  1. Strength indeed, and wisdom, knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, plus a strong desire to adhere to every one of HIS precepts. Yeshua said it would be as it was in the days of Sodom, and we have arrived at that point. I do not believe we have a lot of years left before HE returns.

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