Oregon School, Cops, Crash Down on Boy for Playing ‘Hangman’

If a couple of recently-released illegal alien jailbirds break into your home for rape and robbery, and you call the police, and the cops don’t get there in time to help you, it may be because they’re busy with something important–like busting a 13-year-old kid for playing “Hangman.”

For those who don’t know, “Hangman” is a guessing game. You try to guess a secret name or word, letter by letter, and every time you guess wrong, the other player draws another part of a stick-figure man being hanged. If the drawing is finished before you can guess the secret word by filling letters, you lose.

At Beaverton Junior High School, Oregon, school officials were shocked, shocked, when they caught a boy playing,as  children have played for over 100 years, “Hangman.” The budding domestic terrorist was promptly suspended, but that wasn’t enough: they also called the cops, who dropped whatever else they were doing and rushed over to the school to interrogate this menace to the social order ( http://toprightnews.com/?p=3119 ).

Would you believe it? The child’s father, ungrateful wretch that he must be, is suing the school district!

To all of you who still believe a public school staffed by ultra-left-wing morons is the best place to socialize your child–are you out of your cotton-pickin’ minds?


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