Enter the Ninja

So I was driving home from the White Castle yesterday, along a road that used to be a country road until Democrats got rid of the countryside… and along the side of the road comes walking a guy in–a ninja costume.

OK, he wasn’t carrying a sword. But he had the black hood and the black martial arts pants and the belt. To make sure you understood it was a special martial arts belt, it was decorated with golden Japanese characters.

Now it can’t be that this person was a real ninja, because ninjas are supposed to be secret operatives and it would never do for people to be pointing at one and saying, “There goes a ninja! I wonder who he’s going to assassinate.” Nor was it Halloween. This was somebody dressed up as a ninja for no apparent reason.

Maybe he was going to Wal-Mart? But nobody walks in that neighborhood. It’s unusual to see any pedestrian at all, let alone one dressed up as a ninja.

When I see a thing like this, I think maybe our culture is in trouble.

6 comments on “Enter the Ninja

  1. Were there any turtles in the vicinity? It could have been a relative of the ‘teenage mutant ninja turtles’. 🙂

  2. Now this is very strange. I commented on this post, as well as on the one about the student who was disciplined for playing “Hangman,” but my comments on both have disappeared. (Maybe this comment will disappear also.) Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme song….

    1. It seems there are still a few glitches, although most seem resolved. As always, I checked the box for comment notifications and it’s been fine – except for the Agnus Dei post. That one apparently hasn’t gone through. Technology – aint it grand? Wait till ‘artificial intelligence’ becomes mainstream. Perish the thought!

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