How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?

Upon reading my May 17 blog post about the Oregon school calling the cops on a kid for playing “hangman,” someone asked me a very interesting question.

“No normal person calls the police because some kid is playing ‘hangman,'” she said. “I’ll bet they have to receive special training before they learn how to overreact like that. I really wonder who tells them, ‘This is what you do when you spot a child doing something normal.'”

Great point. At this site alone we have reported “teachers” going to pieces when they saw kids making silent prayer, playing cops and robbers, drawing a picture of their daddy in his soldier’s uniform, and so on. Who teaches the teachers to be such kooks?

I mean, I took teacher training courses back in the Seventies, and no one taught me to throw a tantrum and call the police if I heard a kid humming a little hymn she learned in Sunday school. Actually they didn’t teach us much of anything: New Jersey’s first $100,000-a-year teacher salary still lay some 20 years in the future. No one taught us when to tell a little kid, “It’s wrong to pray.”

The signs of culture rot are everywhere.

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  1. In 1947 my husbnd and I began our family. No one had to tell us public schooling wasn’t for Christians. We wanted to know who and what their teachers would be teaching OUR children and enrolled them in Christian schools. (I hadn’t advanced yet to the Biblical idea of home schooling: Deuteronomy six) to my sorrow! But I mention this action to note that Christian parents should have realized that one doesn’t hand over ones innocent babes to non-christian people! And they are still doing that. THAT is why we now have a generation of non-readers who have become non-readers of the best educational tool in existence: the Bible. Go back to our roots to discover why! My education didn’t tell me these things; this is right in the “Words of God” which, in my ignorance as a new born babe in Christ, I totally believed from the beginning, was to be followed in every area of life. I haven’t changed that opinion having tried that to the hilt and not finding it missing..

    1. Ignorance is bad enough, but here the problem is not ignorance, but being taught things that are untrue, base, degrading, or evil. That’s public education!

  2. Things have only devolved since you wrote this article 4 years ago. Our children must now be wary of entering their math classes lest the police should be called in to investigate the dreaded square root sign. There is only one solution to the mess we’re in – Come, Lord Jesus!

    1. Meanwhile, it would help **a lot** if about 10 million Christian kids were pulled out of public school. We shouldn’t have to wait for the Second Coming, to do this.

  3. It’s astounding that anyone would think that the police should be called for such matters, but there seems to be a consistent move in the direction of such behavior. I think its ultimate roots are in the “strong delusion” predicted in 2 Thess 2;11.

  4. I guess I should consider myself lucky because whenever I sub teach a class and there’s time to kill at the end I lead the kids in a game of hangman – they love it. I’m not that good at square roots 🙂

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