My Sabbath

I don’t like to address contentious issues on the Sabbath day. (And if your sabbath is Saturday instead of Sunday, that’s not an issue for me.)

For one thing, it’s a way for me to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy, as God has commanded. For another, I’m up to my eyeballs in abominable news all week, and I need a rest. It’s not that I’m lazy or cowardly, and want to hide from the battle. Josephus records that even Judah the Maccabee avoided battle on the Sabbath, except when the enemy literally forced it on him.

By keeping the Sabbath, we proclaim the Lord’s sovereignty over all things, and His sufficiency for all things.

But what about church? I don’t attend a church. Some would say I was un-churched, but I don’t see it that way.

No–it’s just that the church that I belong to is not in a building. It consists of a large group of fellow Christians, most of them on the Internet, who share a devotion to Jesus Christ Our Lord. We “meet” here, within the social media, in a chat room full of Christians on a popular game site, and even on our respective forum pages on an international chess players’ site. We meet every day of the week, not just on Sunday. We can’t sing hymns together, but we have some mighty good discussions. Many of them also attend a church: but the local church in which I was raised has gone over to the dark side, and I don’t trust any of the others. My old church has a sign outside that says “A Welcoming and Affirming Congregation.” I am sure I don’t want to find out exactly what it is that they’re affirming.

The burning issues can wait until tomorrow. For now, I think I’ll go back outside and enjoy more of this beautiful, cool, sunny spring day that the Lord has made.

3 comments on “My Sabbath

  1. Hello Mr. Duigon, was not Sabbath keeping in the O.T. and into the N.T. a foreshadow of CHRIST. CHRIST came, did HIS father’s will. HE is our eternal rest. HE is our Sabbath rest. We now rest in the living CHRIST from all our physical works, from the law, because CHRIST fulfilled the law, HE did the work once and for all. So we rest in HIM from what the law demanded of us, it pointed us to CHRIST, THE ONE AND ONLY LAW KEEPER, who kept it perfectly. So it’s not about a physical day we are to keep, it’s a person we rest in., CHRIST. We no longer live under the law but in JESUS CHRIST who has freed us from the law and it’s curse. So we now rest in CHRIST 24/7. There is now HIS GRACE we are under. The O.T.was about a physical Israel with physical laws and physical blessings, which pointed to CHRIST. We are now spiritual Israel, spiritual law, and spiritual blessings in CHRIST. I love the freedom in CHRIST. I enjoy your emails. Thank you. Shirley Jessome

    1. Very well said, Shirley, and thank you.
      Still, setting aside one day not to beat my head against a brick wall–that can only be good for me.

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