A Contest for My Readers

I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately, closing in on No. 2,000; so I’ve decided to hold a contest.

To whoever turns out to be the lucky reader who posts that 2,000th comment, I will send a paperback copy of my latest book, The Palace.

Please try to make them witty, wise, and to the point. I won’t give the prize to any idle one-liner that doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

6 comments on “A Contest for My Readers

    1. I am very satisfied with the class of readers that I have, thank you. Really, Mike, I’m not sure how to take your comment. So I’ll take it as a joke that didn’t quite get off the ground, no ill feeling intended.

    2. Okay, thanks. Obviously I need to get a new joke writer.
      Of course, the readership is fine; my comment not so.

  1. Looks like Mike isn’t winning any prize. Anywho, maybe he comes under the intelligent category. I on the other hand fall under the witty category. Now Borg, believes it’s a great gift, apparently only if it’s signed.So you wanted, witty, wise and to the point. Dear heart, all you got so far is to the point, minus the witty and the wise. I would love to receive your book, couldn’t care less if it was signed or not, though I would love to receive the first book in the series. The books are a continuing story, right? Anywho , I,m hoping I win.

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