D-Day: What Were We Fighting For?

June 6, 1944–Tens of thousands of American, British, Canadian, and Polish soldiers swarm onto the beaches of Normandy in a bloody  battle that will bring about the end of Nazi Germany–a criminal regime founded on socialism, “science,” state supremacy, and racial hatred, all mixed together in a cauldron stirred by Hitler.

June 6, 2014–The European Central Bank announces a new policy of “negative interest”: if another bank puts money in the ECB, it will earn interest of minus 0.1% ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/06/05/less-than-zero-europ-introduces-negative-interest-rates-to-save-its-economy/ ). According to the Washington Post article, “Charging banks to park cash at the ECB” is supposed to inspire those banks to lend the money instead, and perk up Europe’s sagging economy.

There is no truth to the report that when New York Mayor Warren “Bill DeBlasio” Wilhelm Jr. heard about negative interest, he suffered a seizure of envy that caused his head to spin around a full 360 degrees.

Yes, boys–you overthrew National Socialism to make the world safe for Euro-socialism. We Americans fought for our current right to be ruled–not “governed”: that word would imply some measure of lawfulness–by low-lifes, racists, thieves, liars, Juan Peron wannabes, and homosexual supremacists.

But it’s not your fault that subsequent generations–like mine–have failed you. Your courage defeated the evil of your age in history.

We today bow down to evil.

P.S.–The link to the Washington Post story does not work. I have no idea why not. Sorry!

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