The Iraq Snake-Pit

While we go about our business peacefully, routinely, a storm of violence has suddenly washed over the democracy we supposedly created in Iraq. I would rather not write about it, but the cascade of nightmarish images forces me to say something. Today on the front page of one of the newspapers, I saw a picture of a terrorist getting ready to cut the head off–with a knife–an unarmed civilian. And that wasn’t the only picture that I saw.

I cannot blame even our so-called president for the savagery that seems habitual to Islam. It goes back a long, long way.

But can we honestly say that our government’s recent action, or lack of action, has played no part in this?

Our leaders have advertised, overtly, loudly, to the whole world our weakness of will, our indecisiveness, our fecklessness.

Who took al-Qaeda’s side in Syria?

Who made one idle threat after another against the Assad regime, exposing our pusillanimous leadership?

Who tried to run guns to the bad guys in Benghazi?

Who supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, only to look like weaklings when the Egyptian people threw them out?

Who just released five top al-Qaeda operatives from captivity, in return for one (probable) deserter?

Who has openly proclaimed our unwillingness to save Iraq, and the people there who trusted us?

But I already know what they’re going to say–don’t you?

“It’s all George Bush’s fault! Man, we only found out about all this when we read it in the papers!”

The shaming of America goes on unabated.

3 comments on “The Iraq Snake-Pit

  1. Excuse me! Please leave me out of the “our” just noticed. I, yes, I said “I’, did not vote for or even want the baggage hanging around the White House and I don’t like seeing an “our” that could be considered connected with me! I protest!

    1. I didn’t vote for him, either, Dorothy. I worked as hard as I could to prevent his re-election. But all these things are done against our will–yours and mine–and when the country goes down, you and I will go down with it, despite the fact that we, personally, opposed the wicked people who brought it into ruin.

  2. Certainly, Iraq today could be called a snake pit. And how did that get to be the case? I refer anyone to today’s submission, The Real Matrix, Part Nine, by Professor Steven Yates for the answer, in which he skilfully summarizes the whole issue and others, just as I have for years known of things.

    Best Dave

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