The Nuts Are Out There

I received two emails yesterday from kooks.

One warned me that “the corporations” are using chem-trails (*sigh*) to kill off all their customers. What sense does that make?

The second was a self-described “Illuminati Alert” which claimed that former President George H.W. Bush had performed human sacrifices somewhere in the wilds of Denver.

Oh! And this morning a friend tipped me off to a secret plot to launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia, to punish them for backing off on using the American dollar as a universal standard of currency. Yeah, that’d fix ’em, all right. This news came from a blog I never heard of.

You’d think “corporations” with no more customers would have, shall we say, a discouraging future.

You’d think the puppet-masters who micro-manage the world would do a better job of keeping their secret human sacrifices out of the public eye.

And you’d think the Pentagon and the NSA could keep at least some of their military secrets from Joe Blow on the Internet.

I am reminded of a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “You blocks! You stones! You worse than senseless things!”

I mean, really–our country is being bled to death by its own ruling class, the world is on fire, all of these things are happening right under our noses, in plain sight… and you’re worried about George Bush doing human sacrifices? In Denver? OK, I know Colorado has dramatically deteriorated since lefty nut-jobs began flocking to it from all the other states–but human sacrifice?

Meanwhile, I guess I’d better incorporate myself so I can be left alive when the corporations kill everybody else.

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  1. Yes, nuts everywhere. But here now. I think Devvy Kidd has mentioned Chemtrails. A nut job?? And, I refer you to a book-seems pretty knowledgeable to me, concerning The Son of Sam murders–THE ULTIMATE EVIL, PUBLISHED IN ABOUT 1993. Lives sacrificed for drug money Is there some fire, just a little, somewhere behind the smoke?

    1. If there were in fact “chem-trails,” something of which I am not convinced, do you really believe these would part of a plot by unnamed “corporations” to kill off their customers? I mean, what would be the point of that?

  2. Now you know I have a lot of respect for you Lee, but when you’re wrong, I have to say something.

    I am starting a multinational corporation and my business advisors told me that the only way to succeed would be to find a way to kill off all of my potential customers. 🙂

    I happen to be from Denver and I actually saw George H.W. Bush’s motorcade on I-225, out in Aurora, so that proves he sacrificed humans in Denver. 🙂

    Of course they are going to nuke Russia. We have to stand up to Khrushchev sooner or later, or he’ll think he actually can bury us. 🙂

    The chemtrail one really gets me. If you pumped any liquid out of an airplane at cruise altitude, it would fall in such a broad area that even highly toxic substances would settle over such a wide area as to render them harnless. Think of it this way, uranium is about as toxic as anything on earth and it is not all that rare. We are all exposed to minute amounts of uranium throughout our lifetime, but the uranium is very spread out and not hazardous unless it is concentrated. A gram of uranium will kill you, a pico-gram of uranium won’t.

    The same applies to chemicals sprayed from airplanes. If someone wanted to kill employing liquids sprayed from aircraft they would have to fly low and dump concentrated chemicals on a small area, think crop duster. Even at that, any chemical deadly enough to kill people on the ground would be highly hazardous to the pilot and the crews working on the aircraft. I’ve worked near fields which were crop dusted and you could smell the airplane long before it got anywhere near.

    If they are killing people with chemtrails, where are the deaths happening? I haven’t heard of any depopulation happening recently. Trips this year to Phoenix, Denver and Minneapolis didn’t reveal any lack of population in these major metro areas. In fact, I saw evidence of population growth.

    This conspiracy theory is significant however, it reveals the lack of true education among Americans. Anyone with even mediocre scientific knowledge and reasoning skills should be able to see through these theories with only a moment’s thought. I place it on par with flat earth notions. Jesus told us that false prophets would arise and mislead many. They don’t have to be religious prophets, just wannabe foretellers spinning their own mythology.

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