Idiocy Triumphant

While our paper-clip-and-balsa-wood government in Iraq melts down, along with big chunks of the rest of the world, our nation’s glorious leaders continue to spout drivel about Global Warming/Climate change.

This morning a reader in British Columbia reported that his car window was iced up, there was frost on his lawn, his kid’s trampoline was full of hunks of ice, and the temperature was at the freezing point. But don’t let that turn you into a Climate Change Denier! Who are you going to believe–your honest-as-the-day-is-long government and its Scientific Experts, or a bunch of ice on your windshield?

Meanwhile, the dying Presbyterian Church USA, at its annual General Assembly in the dying city of Detroit, has voted to change the definition of marriage from “a man and a woman” to “two people.” This will hold until liberals want to start marrying their dogs. Apparently nobody there has ever read the Bible–or, if they have, they’ve decided it means the opposite of what it says.

Y’know, you apostate chuckleheads, if the Bible is not the word of God, then we don’t have God’s word at all. Or do you just listen for it when MSNBC comes on?

Who can keep up with all this idiocy? Our world is being run by wicked and immoral fools.

Hang in there, pilgrims–it’s gonna be a rough ride.

5 comments on “Idiocy Triumphant

  1. I’m amazed by the direction the PCUSA has chosen. They are losing people rapidly and, I’ve heard, that a Anglican movement is starting to gain in strength as a response.

    1. The Anglican South is, by comparison, much more conservative than the North. But the forced retirement of Archbishop Peter Akinola is troubling. At one time, some years ago, he was taking conservative Episcopal churches in America under his protection. But he may be too old, now, to come back.

    2. Too bad they’ve pulled the video of their General Assembly of several years ago. You could watch that till your eyeballs shorted out,, and never guess it had anything to do with any kind of church. If Cecil B. DeMille had ever made a movie set on Mars, it might’ve included a scene that looked like that.

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