Out of Order!

I had this beautiful little essay I was going to compose today. But my email stopped working, and after three hours of teeth-gnashing frustration, after which Microsoft finally fixed the problem while I sat there listening to horrible music and an infinite number of ads on the phone, my head has come to a point, my brains have turned into boiling pink foam, and I don’t remember what I was going to write!

I’m too rattled to write anything coherent, anyway.

So there goes another day down the technology rat-hole.

Meanwhile, the contest is still on.

If you’re the enterprising reader who posts the 2,000th comment on this blog, I will sent you a signed copy of my most recent book, The Palace. Remember, spam comments and mere gibberish won’t count. If I stupidly post the 2,000th comment myself, I will award the prize to whosever should post No. 2,001.

5 comments on “Out of Order!

  1. Lee, I am sorry to hear this, and I can fully appreciate the frustration you felt, since I have been there, done that, and so has my husband and several of my friends. It is so frustrating that I have wanted to back away and say, I have had it up to here with computers and even the horse they came in on. There will be better days, but how many remains to be seen with all the evil tampering that is going on.
    chin up

  2. Please tell me how you manage to contact Microsoft for help. I can never do it. Tried it once, and it was going to cost lots of money. Right now, I am having lots of trouble with email.


    1. Dave, we were on the phone for an hour and a half with Verizon, our server (?), and when they concluded it wasn’t a Verizon problem, they connected us with Microsoft via their hotline.

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