I’m Baaaaaack!

As you know, my computer was struck by lightning last Wednesday night and I was rendered incommunicado.

I’m typing this on our new laptop, in hopes that our regular computer will soon be returned to us with a new motherboard, whatever that is.

I’ve saved up some cool news articles for you, and tomorrow morning I will resume regular posting.

Meanwhile, the contest is still on, folks. Whoever posts the 2,000th comment will win a signed copy of my newest book, The Palace.I did have to delete a couple of comments from huckleberries who were trying to sell me something.

My thanks, from the heart, to all of you who stayed with this blog during the past eight days. It was amazing to discover how dependent Patty and I are on the blasted computer. The only work I could do, the whole time, was to keep on writing The Temple. To stave off madness we did jigsaw puzzles and listened to Imagination Theater’s Sherlock Holmes plays on our CD player.

See youse all tomorrow!

4 comments on “I’m Baaaaaack!

  1. Welcome back. We all missed you, and I think a lot of us have been through these computer “fried” times and we seem a bit crazy during the waiting period. I do word games, draw charcoal pictures, read and doze off in my chair, but it doesn’t really help much.

  2. Yay! Welcome back 🙂
    It’s weird; I never think of myself as dependent on the computer, but when I can’t use it and there’s nothing else to do, it’s pretty tough 😛
    However, I went to a Civil War re-enactment and didn’t bring the computer, was without it for several days, and didn’t miss it a bit. I guess it all depends on what there is to ‘fill the gap’, so to speak.

    1. A Civil War re-enactment might have taken the edge off our boredom, too. I would also like to see a re-enactment of Henry Hudson’s last voyage, starring any one of dozens of our country’s glorious leaders.

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