Public School Caper: Holocaust Denial

So you’re still okay with your child being “educated” (lol) by the public schools? Try this story on for size.

A couple of months ago, 2,000 eighth-graders in the Rialto Unified School District, California, were assigned to write an essay on the topic, “Did the Holocaust occur?” ( )

When word of this caper got out, and public indignation followed, the “educators” quickly withdrew the assignment. So the kids won’t be writing, after all, on whether “the Holocaust was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain.”

They wouldn’t have tried it if they hadn’t thought they could get away with it. As a sop to the public, the teachers blamed for creating the assignment have supposedly been herded into sensitivity training.

Hmm… let’s see, now… The superintendent of the school district is named “Mohammed Z. Islam,” and he has a spokesperson named Syeda Jafri. The head of the local chapter of the teachers’ union is not named Looie Farrakhan, nor do any of the schools have principals named Ahmadinejad. So I guess that’s okay. No anti-Semitism here, folks.

Mr. Islam and Ms. Jafri say they’ve received death threats as a result of this incident. Well, if you’re prepared to lie about millions of people being murdered in cold blood by the servants of a national socialist state, you just might be capable of throwing in a wee taradiddle about a death threat.

Yes, they scrubbed the assignment and said they were sorry for the “error.” (Nobody ever does a wicked thing on purpose. It’s always a “mistake”–like misplacing your car keys.) But that was only because they got found out and a lot of people were hopping mad at them.

But you don’t need a Christian school. You don’t need homeschooling. If you want to keep on sending your kids to public school, that’s your decision.

After all, this was only one of thousands of isolated incidents all around the country.

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  1. UNBELIEVABLE!! No way in the world would I ever send a child of mine to one of these propaganda factories. The boldness of these vile creatures is mind-boggling.

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