Will Global Warming Freeze Out Red-heads?

Endangered Species: See all these poor red-headed guys? Kiss ’em goodbye, say (lol) “Climate scientists.” Global Warming’s got their number.

“Climate scientists” don’t even try to talk sense anymore.

“Scientists” hired by The Daily Record, in the U.K., have done a study (trumpet fanfare, please) that indicates that the gene that causes red hair is a-goin’ to get switched off on account of Global Warming, reports the Delhi Daily News. (See http://www.delhidailynews.com/news/Could-global-warming-make-redheads-extinct-1404993944/ )

On the same page, there is a link to this: “Global warming creating more ice, data shows record growth in Antarctic level.” Didn’t they just get through telling us the ice caps are melting, due to Global Warming? Now the exact same cause is making the ice caps grow?

There is also an ad on this page for “Creative Writing for Entertainment.” I wonder if it’s taught by climate scientists.

Anyhow, the Daily Record scientists-for-hire say “the increasing sunlight in Scotland is to blame for this extinction of redheads.” Scotland had a lot of redheads in the first place “because the gene that causes this hue of hair is likely due to the lack of sun in the country.”

How come there aren’t a lot of red-headed Eskimos?

Really, how do you even have a conversation with people who think like this? Global Warming causes cold, Global Warming causes hot,/ Global Warming causes what is, and it causes what is not.

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  1. Yeah, I think global warming is causing a lot of insanity. Like an acquaintance who actually said to me, “oh, I don’t think the government is the problem, but … blah blah…sustainable development is what we need more of…what do you do except turn and say the inane comment, “have a good day now” as you shake your head in disbelief..

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