The Whole Damned Package

No, I’m not cussing. By “damned” I mean spiritually and morally abominable, and fit to be consigned to Hell. That describes the action taken this summer by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA.

In brief, here’s what they did.

*Redefined marriage to mean “any two people,” in open rebellion against God’s word.

*Called for higher and higher taxes so that the all-powerful, all-wise Big Government can redistribute wealth. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet.

*Called for the abolition of the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. That way only criminals will have guns. Says the PCUSA, that will make us safer. Said Benjamin Franklin, those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

*Called for divestment in companies that deal in fossil fuels, because we all need to be saved from **Climate Change**, which is caused by ordinary people having cars and air-conditioning.

Here is my question, brothers and sisters.

Why does all this stuff always go together?

Among the kindlier words used to describe the PCUSA in the wake of these decisions are “heretic” and “apostate.” To these I would add “Brain-dead, moral imbecile, Statist Idol-Worshiping fools.”

This was once a Christian church.

What is it now? You tell me.

2 comments on “The Whole Damned Package

  1. Lee Yesterday I heard an airlane flake explaining to the peons how safe was airline travel. He said that at ANY TIME there are 500,000 people in the air. At 200 per plane-that equates to 2500 planes in the air, every minute of the year. Zoweeeeeee!!! Just think of the fuel burned and that awaful greenhouse gas, CO2. But somehow, no one seems at all concerned about that. Like last week, 12000 travelled to a cozy tropic isle to study at an AIDS conference. that alone takes 60 flights there and 60 back. Talk about a perpetual pollution machine. No wonder fuel is so expensive. At least, I only drive my car about 4 hours weekly,, and I live 20 miles from the nearest town. Dave

    1. It’s oxcarts and shank’s mare for us, private jets and limos for them. How else is John Kerry going to get to Davos to discuss Climate Change with his fellow idiots?

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