‘How Much Worse Can It Get?’ (2017)

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Here it is–pure grinning idiocy wedded to pure evil.

I’m afraid we’ll soon find out how much worse it can get. Having stolen our country out from under us, Democrats are fanatically committed to the whole transgender mania.

How Much Worse Can It Get?

This is, of course, just plain wrong, just plain crazy, and just plain evil. Their end goal is to force us to say it isn’t. Once they can beat us into “celebrating” transgender, that’s it, we’re done.

May the Judge of all the earth deliver us. Have mercy on us, O God, for your name’s sake.

In Pursuit of Extinction

Cult Movie: Remember those scary skeletons from Jason And The Argonauts? -  The Irish News

Let me say up front that I don’t believe, not for a minute, that God will allow the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, the Smartest People In The World are ardently pursuing it. Gotta reduce the human population, say Bill & Melinda Gates.

To that end, our weird and iffy government has enacted policies that seem purposely designed to put us under.

*They’re committed to the idiotic insanity of “transgender,” big-time. And if you really want troubled sleep, start trying to imagine what they’ll come up with after this.

*They’ve ruptured our nation’s southern border, allowing and encouraging multitudes of people to swarm into America illegally, with no checking for diseases. Mass migrations and exchanges of disease is what Bob Bakker thinks killed off the dinosaurs. It certainly wouldn’t have helped.

*They keep trying to expand the abortion industry.

*They allow and encourage rioting throughout our cities, and spice it up by fomenting racial animosities.

*Their government schools, by dint of “Critical Race Theory,” teach children to hate their country, themselves, and each other.

Stop there. It’s depressing enough already.

The question is, for how long can we pursue these crazy policies without turning our country into a train wreck? It’s been done to other countries. Why not ours? And then they can declare, “Well, hell, all that freedom and liberty stuff doesn’t work, we’ll have to be more authoritarian or everybody’s gonna die!” Kiss our republic goodbye.

Another question: will God Almighty stop them?

Pray often. Pray hard.


Dying to be Famous

Daredevil falls to his death from 62-story building

So there was this Chinese guy who wanted to be a YouTube celebrity  (I never heard of him until last night), so he filmed himself doing wacko crazy stunts way up high on skyscrapers. And it worked for a while, his videos were going viral; but of course, he wound up getting stuck with having to make his stunts increasingly dangerous in order to keep his audience.

And eventually he got halfway through a stunt he couldn’t do, and that was the end of him.

Now what was all this for? Well, for no other reason than to increase his own personal fame. He became his own human sacrifice to his own idol–himself.

Just one of God knows how many nooze stories a day pointing to the piecemeal destruction and collapse of our global civilization. Largely due to worshiping all kinds of false gods and ignoring the only real One.

Do you want to be saved? YouTube numbers won’t save you. Viral videos of yourself swallowing Tide pods won’t save you.

Jesus saves. And I doubt He watches YouTube stunts.


My Newswithviews Column, April 1 (‘Killing Our Culture’)

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I don’t understand why liberals want to turn America into a socialist hell-hole. Apparently the idea of governing a nation of peaceful, decent, prosperous people doesn’t appeal to them.

So they use the apparatus of America to destroy America. Our schools and “entertainment” industry, for instance:

Killing Our Culture

I still don’t understand why it’s okay for us to pay for the schools but not have any say in what gets taught there, or by whom. And for some reason we buy, er, “music” that celebrates destruction.

What’s wrong with us?

More Culture Meltdown: ‘Satan Shoes’

Tulips pictures free stock photos download (678 Free stock photos) for  commercial use. format: HD high resolution jpg images

Have some tulips instead.

Hailed as “a young queer Black man” who’s breaking all sorts of bad outmoded no-good barriers, a rapper calling himself “Lil Nas”–sorry, but I really do prefer not to know about these things: they do not edify–is being sued by Nike for marketing his “Satan Shoes” as if they were a Nike product (https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/29/business/satan-shoes-nike-lil-nas-x/index.html).

Nike is upset because this has damaged overall sales: people think that Nike is endorsing Satanism.

The “Satan Shoes” are made from modified Nike sneakers, plus a pentagram and (we are at liberty not to believe this) “a drop of human blood” in the sole. Supposedly only 666 pairs of Satan Shoes will be sold. Where do we go to stand in awe of so much cleverness?

Don’t ask me to illustrate this post with any photos or videos of this. Nor will I get into a discussion of “Lil Nas'” , er, works. They do not edify.

But one thing they do do is debase and debauch our culture; and in turn, our culture debases and debauches our character. We are like fish who are compelled to swim in a lake of toxic waste. Ain’t gonna do us any good.

May God have mercy on us.


Feminist Crapola on Steroids

University of Hell Press

See? That’s the publisher’s logo. I’m not kidding. University of Hell.

But if they do publish books in Hell, they’ll publish this one–Erase the Patriarchy: an anthology of erasure poetry. No, I will not mention the author by name. I suspect she may be not all there.

But wait, there’s more! What is “erasure poetry,” anyway? Well, according to an erasure poetry website, it’s “a form of found poetry [someone else has already written it] wherein a poet [or a nitwit] takes an existing text and erases, blacks out, or otherwise obscures a large portion of the text, creating a wholly new work from what remains.” It can also serve as “a means of confrontation,” in case you feel the urge to confront a poem. At least a poem can’t grab your nose and twist it because it’s tired of hearing your babble.

This has gotta be college junk. No way this horse-schiff survives outside the looniversity.

What ever made the perky publicist think I’d want to review a road-apple called Erase the Patriarchy? I wouldn’t mind erasing academic feminists. Well, not really erasing them. Just sending them off to live on a planet with no men on it for them to harass. And if they wind up cutting each other’s throats–well, who knew that would happen?

Jack   went up    a pail   of    Jill    crown    after…

Wow. Erasure poetry. Eat your heart out, Dante.

This is what you get when your deluded society decides everyone just has to go to college, everyone, no more reserving it to scholars; and you flatten it out and dumb it down so even the most paltry intellects can harvest a degree. You get crapola. You get crapola on steroids.

Contest! Find one, just one, constructive use of erasure poetry, or one contribution, no matter how infinitesimally small, it could possibly make to the world… and win a tin foil dunce cap.

And hey out there! No turning my posts into Erasure Posts!


My Newswithviews Column, March 4 (‘It’s All About Control’)

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Liberals have a lust to be obeyed, slavishly, by normal people. And Big Tech believes they can make us want to obey. Perfect together!

It’s All About Control

And have you noticed how they keep moving the goalposts? Now we’ve got Foochi Fauci darkly hinting that life won’t be back to normal even by this time in 2022. And there’s a poll in the UK that shows a certain number of people saying they’ll never stop wearing face masks, they’ll wear ’em for the rest of their lives.

When they get done with us, there’ll no more adults among us. The libs will be the Morlocks, and we’ll be the Eloi.

And they will eat us.

After they eat up all our wealth, of course.

Hanity, You Idiot

Sean Hannity

On the radio yesterday, Sean Hanity was talking about this weird mutant from Pennsylvania–a man who insists he’s a woman, when he isn’t–who’s been nominated to be the No. 2 weirdo in the Biden administration’s health department.

Sean the, ahem, “conservative,” used every female pronoun in the lexicon when referring to this guy, this man who dresses as a woman–whose thing, by the way, is that little children ought to be allowed to “choose their gender” and get mutilating surgery and puberty-blocking drugs to make it stick.

He shouldn’t be in government. He should be on a desert island trying to stay one step ahead of the Komodo dragons.

But there’s Hanity on the air with “she” and “her” and “hers,” speaking of this wacko as if he really were a woman, as if all it takes to be a woman is a set of women’s clothes.

Dude, what in the world do you think you’re “conserving”? Certainly not our culture! Certainly not our sanity. I mean, if you’re going to buy into a lie as big as this, you might as well go whole-hog and swallow all the lies.

Are we to be governed by such creatures as this? Are you okay with that, Sean?

Shame and shame on you.

We don’t need that much stupid on the radio. We don’t need that much cowardice.

Brooklyn Woman Snaps, Wrecks Cars


Why in the world did this happen?

Friday night in Brooklyn, a 21-year-old woman stole a mail truck and purposely crashed it into “at least ten” parked cars before she was captured by police (https://nypost.com/2021/01/15/woman-allegedly-steals-usps-truck-crashes-into-cars-in-nyc/). We haven’t been told who she is or why she did this. One of the parked cars she rammed was a police car. She carried out her thrill ride for seven blocks before the truck conked out. They caught her as she tried to run away.

No, our culture is not at all right.

Every day we hear reports of crazy incidents like this. What’s going on here?

But I suppose that in a country where you can steal a national election and get away with it, nothing’s off the table.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

California Demands Insurance Coverage for Teen Girls’ Breast Removals

95,176 Monster Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

What do we call it when we’re governed by monsters?

Do you still wonder why God is angry with us? Get a load of this.

The California Dept. of Insurance has demanded that insurance companies now pay for the amputation of healthy breasts from teenage girls who say they’re boys (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ca-demands-insurance-companies-cover-breast-removals-for-trans-teen-girls). Officials have reclassified normal, healthy breasts as “abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.” And these girls, they said, require “gender-affirming care… in order to be their true selves.”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

This is evil. This is perverse. This is government gone completely mad.

It has to stop; but it seems we don’t know how to stop it. We see it, we report on it, and it just keeps happening.

If we don’t find a way to stop it, God will.