They Beheaded Their Teacher

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Where do you even begin, with some of this stuff?

Six French teenagers will go on trial this week for helping an older kid–who, they say, had become “radicalized” (ya think?)–ambush and murder one of their teachers ( Then he cut off the teacher’s head. Then the cops shot him. And they rounded up these other kids who helped him carry out the murder: they’re being charged with criminal conspiracy.

Well, heck, the teacher taught a lesson about the infamous “Mohammed cartoons” that sparked some killings back in 2015. Those incidents should have been a tell: “Your immigration policies aren’t working, France.”

Anything like that ever happen when you were in school (I am so tempted to spell it “skool” from now on)? How many of your teachers got beheaded by a student? Heck, we didn’t even have any stabbings in my high school. But of course that was such a long time ago.

Well, it’s taken six years to bring this case to trial, and the young teens are now old teens or young adults; and the original killer was an import. Muslim, of course.

History teaches us that the only way you can have a country full of groups of people who violently hate each other… is if the central government is so powerful and so ruthless that the groups of subjects just can’t get any traction. Like the Roman Empire, for instance: mess with us and we’ll wipe you out without a second thought. And even then the Roman legions were kept busy putting down rebellions all over the fringes of the empire.

Yo, Europe–you shouldn’t’ve colonized all those Third World Countries. Now they are colonizing you! And people are getting killed because of it.

What are you going to do now?

Women’s Job Fair ‘Overrun’… by Men

Posting photos of Corporal Klinger to social media isn't helping trans  people - LGBTQ Nation

Corporal Klinger (Jamie Farr) from the old M*A*S*H* series–a vision of the future?

So last month in Orlando, Florida, they held a tech jobs fair for women that kind of fell apart when it was, in the words of some organizers, “overrun” and “invaded” by men calling themselves women so they could get jobs (

It was the Gracie Hopper Celebration, aimed at finding tech jobs for those currently “underrepresented” in the field–women. But once the men started pushing women out of the way, quite a few of the women threw up their hands and left. My wife suspects it was a feminist enterprise “that they got back, right in the teeth.”

Of course, you could always hold a jobs fair that was open to all, men and women alike, and just pick the overall best candidates–but where’s the fun in that?

So we get the whole feminist schtick–“no differences between men and women,” “pregnant people,” Mr. Trans Woman who’s going to have a period and just because he hasn’t had it yet doesn’t mean he’ll never have one so there! And don’t forget “Anyone who says he’s a woman is one!” So there.

On one hand we have feminists at war with “toxic masculinity” wanting to erase men, and on the other, “trans women”–aka men–elbowing their way into women’s sports and wanting to erase women.

Where does that leave us? Erase everybody?

Satan loves this ****.

‘A Lesson in Lunacy’ (2019)

See the source image

“Ye shall be as gods,” said Satan.

Introducing “Creatable World” by Mattel–“gender fluid” dolls that can be any gender” you want them to be from day to day.

A Lesson in Lunacy

Gee, how do they do that? The answer lies in Far Left Crazy ideology! No one is anything but the sum of ‘xer’ external characteristics–which can be changed at will. Clothes, jewelry, tattoos, whatever–it’s all on the outside; and that is all there is to “you.” It’s as if you don’t actually exist.

Someday the bill will come due for all this wicked foolishness.

I don’t think we’ll be able to bear the cost.

She Wants to Govern Your Town

Adults can throw temper tantrums and the pandemic made it worse | body+soul

All those “crazy psychiatrist” jokes turn out to be true…

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

Scroll to the video at the bottom of the article (in case I can’t find it on YouTube) and you will see a woman… with purple hair… going full-throttle batshit in Costco, screaming at another customer because he isn’t wearing a mask. And this is Utah, fer pete’s sake! Not California.

Two more startling items of information.

The woman is running for city council in her home town. Yessireebob, give her a seat on the government! Just what we need.


She is a licensed mental health counselor.

Words fail me.

[Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube, you’ll need to click the link.]

Update: Found it on YouTube, after all. Here it is.

Disney’s Bearded ‘Princesses’

How did this ever become something that is tolerated?

Disney Corp has made crystal-clear its commitment to grooming children for sexually aberrant lifestyles. The only thing they haven’t dared to do, yet, is to come right out and say it.

Meanwhile, consider Disney’s “Princess Makeover” that little girls can get in the Disney theme parks, at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique. Here the first thing these children see are the “greeters”–bearded men as grotesque caricatures of women (

Visitors called it “disturbing.” Well, what did they expect? This is Disney, “Groomers ‘R’ Us.” The videos of this monstrosity were all taken by visitors to the park.

Is this what you want for your children, people? Disney Corp thinks so.

SF Whole Foods Shuts Down: Too Much Crime

Major Outbreak in San Francisco Shelter Underlines Danger for the Homeless  - The New York Times

Guess why they have to hose down the sidewalks.

After only one year of business, San Francisco’s flagship Whole Foods supermarket has shut down… because of too much crime ( This includes drug use in the rest rooms, violence against the staff, and theft of every single shopping basket.

But the main reason was, it just wasn’t safe to work there. Whole Foods officers said the crime in the streets flowed into the store. Ya think?

At what point does a city get so bogged down by crime that it ceases to be a city? What kind of municipal government do you provide a shattered city inhabited by criminals? What if people who should be running the city just up stakes and say, “I’m out of here”? Because it’s impossible to achieve any meaningful results… and you could get robbed or killed if you venture onto the sidewalk.

Yeah, well, what are California’s governor and San Francisco’s supervisors doing to make the city fit for human beings again?

Hint: Nothing. Oh, wait–they want to pay $5 million apiece in “reparations” to “blacks.” Wow. Who the dickens is going to stay there once he has $5 million in his suitcase? And you could always get shot or stabbed or die of a drug overdose before you can collect.

The city of San Francisco is not safe. And what happens when the whole place becomes uninhabitable? Who picks up the tab for that?

Honk if you really don’t know.

Censor Everybody! Censor Everything!

The 10 best Fawlty Towers moments | TV comedy | The Guardian

See what happens when you watch “Great British Railway Journeys”?

When they’re not busy having people arrested for silent prayer, or jailed for “misgendering,” today’s British government pursues national extinction by censoring and forbidding the most surprising things (

They’ve got this “Prevent programme”–as in preventing people from going round the bend to the right–which employs an agency called the “Research Information and Communications Unit” (RICU), whose job is to “study social media content” and sniff out any “right-wing extremism.”

Seek and ye shall find! Turns out that practically everything in print and on the screen can turn folks into goose-stepping Nazis. Here are a few of the things RICU thinks you ought not to be viewing.

*Novels by J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit) and C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia). Unsafe! Taboo! It is rumored that these men were Christians! And we can’t have that in Britain, can we?

*Sir Kenneth Clark’s Civilization series. Racist! Hater! Biggit! This bloomin’ Nazi! He covers no-good racist stinkin’ Western civilization–which isn’t real civilization at all, when you come to think of it.

*BTW, everyone who voted for Brexit–that is, the clear majority of the country–is a right-wing extremist.

*Wherever you spot “patriotism,” keep your eyes peeled for right-wing extremists. Everyone knows you’re supposed to detest your country!

*Great British Railway Journeys–nope, sorry, you shouldn’t be allowed to see this. Really! “We’re stopping at a nice place along the Mushdown Line–” “Stop, you Racist! There are no nice places in Britain, the whole place is just plain horrible!” Can’t have people thinking there’s anything nice about their country.

If Britain is still here by the end of this century, it won’t be any thanks to British governments.


Awl Secks Is Rihght Secks!!!

Man tied to chair Black and White Stock Photos & Images - Alamy

[If you’re playing “Twisted Titles,” you can change Joe Collidge to Joe Coolidge and maybe come up with a future president.]

Heer at The Stoodint Soviet we has “sallootid” Harverd Med Skool!!! Thay “Are” goingto teech “afurming cair” to “Ethicle Non Monoggamy”!”! Its abuot Tyme sumb boddy thay thinked “of” This!!!!

Wen it combs to Secks, yiu naim it, itts Good!! Even BDSM,, witch meens “”Bondige, Domanation, and Saydo Massakissm”!”!”!! Haow grate is That!?? Yiu naim it, thay whil Afurm It!!!

We hoap this heer it whil leed To “a” Secks Eddacation Expolosion!!!!! The Tyme it has coome foar a Noo Secksile Revvalusion!!!! Awl Secks awl “the” tyme Foar Evvry One!! Thare whil be No Sutch Thing “as” Rong Secks ennymoar!!!! This it has got my Moth Antenners spinnning Whith Ecksytmint!!!! And aslo Eckstacy!!

We “Are” goingto Voat foar “a” New Rool that says yiu Cant Graddurate unlest yiu Has don at leest Fyve (5%&) kyneds Of Secks!!!! Awl diffrint kyneds!! This heer It whil grately maik sirius Progrest in acheeving Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!

Enough, Already! (Nooze Is Driving Me Crazy)

What was the Indus Valley Civilization? | Live Science

Nothing left of this but ruins!

Once upon a time, millions of people lived in a multitude of cities in the Indus River Valley. We do not know the name of a single one of them. By 1300 B.C., the whole civilization there went belly-up after a highly successful run of some 2,000 years. Nothing left but very impressive, nameless ruins.

I can’t read or write up any more nooze today! I’ve had it. Got to rest!

Savants like to say the Indus Valley Civilization went bye-bye because of Climbit Change. But that can’t be right, because we have no evidence that these people had SUVs or air conditioning. We do not know what happened to it.

Is our civilization going to wind up like this? Our leaders seem to be doing everything in their power to make it so. Hey, let’s wipe out our nation’s borders! Let’s indoctrinate our children into “transgender”! And let criminals loose without bail! And teach them that there is no God but that’s okay because there’s always government!

O Lord our God! We need a course correction! Bring us to our senses, Lord–in Jesus’ name, amen.

Oh, Boy! ‘Non-Binary Screening’!

41 Tsa Screening Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Never mind the bombs! Have we got the gender right?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

The Transgender Security Administration–oops! Make that Transportation Security Admin–is getting set to roll out its new “non-binary screening systems” ( This is supposed to happen January 1, at a cost of $18.6 million of the public’s money.

[Y’know, I could be sitting outside, smoking a cigar and thinking up plot twists for my book, instead of doing this. But we need to know what we’re up against, and it’s my job to sound the trumpet.]

The money will be included in the Fiscal Year 22 Omnibus Appropriations package, Congress’ annual spending orgy.

See, we gotta have this hardware and software because sometimes “:gender [is] incorrectly assumed” by TSA employees looking for bombs and such… when they should be working on “transgender inclusion”! Who cares if the plane gets blown up, as long as the trannies and the “gays” are pacified?

What’s with this Biden administration, that they just can’t seem to do enough for “transgender”? It makes me very, very nervous that our federal government has this as such a high priority. What do they get out of it?

(They get the extinction of the human species, stupid! Re-read The Screwtape Letters. If we do everything that Democrats say we ought to do, we’re history.)

A world-wide satanic delusion… right before our eyes.