We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting | (video) New York Post

Just another day at Walmart…

I saw four videos yesterday that made me fear for the long-term survival of our culture. Count ’em–four.

*The man who’s supposed to be our president babbling incoherently about a man in the moon and aliens.

*A rash of brawls, stabbings, and shootings at various Walmart stores throughout the land. Crashing one’s car through the storefront seems to be growing more popular.

*In broad daylight, various cruise ships and cargo vessels, presumably with the captain and officers awake and aided by electronic navigation equipment, crashing into the dock or into other ships. This really should not happen.

*A horrible set of serial murders centered around our Yosemite National Park–singularly savage and heartless crimes.

Maybe that has something to do with why I slept poorly last night and felt so tired and  crabby all morning.

Really, this stuff has to be stopped. Our civilization won’t stand it.

But like I say, kill the culture and it’ll kill you back. I honestly don’t remember the nooze being anywhere near so awful when I was a boy.

Barking Mad Crazy?

Lunatic Straitjacket Image & Photo (Free Trial) | Bigstock

Just call me “Civilization”!

A story I reported last Friday has stuck with me and, I fear, convinced me that our whole civilization has gone haywire: to wit, the decision by Ontario “school officials” (euphemism for dunderheads) to teach 9th graders that 2+2 isn’t 4 (https://leeduigon.com/2021/07/16/when-22-aint-4/).

Look at the scenery, dude, and tell me this is not a horror movie. Men are women with penises. Woman are men with vaginas. Right answers to math problems are racist. We have to stop talking about “shark attacks” because it’ll hurt sharks’ feelings.

The question is, For how long can you run a civilization on pure babbling nonsense before it crashes and burns? Like, if the math is wrong, the bridge will fall down, the plane will crash, the medicine won’t make you better… etc., etc. And meanwhile they’re purposely and energetically teaching children to hate and fear each other based on race.

How much longer can this last?

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure…  Psalm 2

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth to save us when this carnival of lunacy goes up in smoke.

‘Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045’ (2018)

See the source image

Too late, sunshine, you’ve already done it…

I’ve been just about 100% convinced that the whole world has gone totally off its rocker.

Yeah, okay, let’s marry machines…

Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

Has this guy got a crystal ball, or what?

(Hello, is anybody out there?)

Meanwhile–this is King Jesus’ royal estate you jerks are messing up, and King Jesus’ people whose minds you’re playing it. It’s not wise to provoke the King.

A Man Talking Sense

Armstrong Williams, Author at The Washington Informer

Armstrong Williams

Hmm… a man is a woman with a penis, a woman is a man with a vagina, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore, all white people are born racists…

The other day, Armstrong Williams talked sense about all this. I hope he hasn’t been arrested.


“We are quickly being pushed,” he wrote, “by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream [sic] media and in big tech towards a society that does not have standards…”


In recent years the wrecking ball has been “gay rights” followed by transgender mania; and of course “race” is always an excuse to wreck society. The Left homes in on micro-minorities and puts them on high pedestals–and woe to anyone who won’t bow down!

I think Mr. Williams understands that this is war. Us vs. Far Left Crazy–and the loser dies.

I can’t even imagine the kind of society those wackos want to impose on us. Pray we never have to find out.


When 2+2 Ain’t 4

Bridge Collapses: 4 Deadliest in U.S. Over Past 50 Years | Time

Hmmm… Looks like the math mighta been a little off…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Hooray! Canada is still a sorrier mess than we are! [sardonic cheering]

How about this? “Mathematics has been used to normalize racism,” say Ontario school bigwigs (https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ontarios-grade-9-will-teach-mathematics-has-been-used-normalize-racism). It turns out the big wigs only fit on fat heads.

From now on, 9th-graders in Ontario will be taught that math with right answers is just the “marginalization of non-eurocentric mathematical knowledges.” Honk if that sounds sensible to you.

And get this. According to one school official, learning how math is racist will lead to “good-paying jobs.” Just because her head is swelled doesn’t mean there’s anything in it but hot air.

Lessee… Do you want to drive on a nice, high bridge designed by chipmunks who think 2+2 adds up to different things for different folks? Like, for People Of Color (POCs), 2+2 = 3, but for pygmies in the rain forest it’s 5, and in Ontario the sum is different day to day.

These are the doofuses who are “educating” your children. You can’t even learn math anymore without gagging on Far Left Crazy doctrine.

Our only hope is to demolish public education before it demolishes our civilization.

Large buildings designed by people who can’t do math are very, very dangerous.

Killing Our Culture

Hey! Waddaya think’ll happen if we make this new rule that as long as what you steal is worth less than $1,000… we’ll just forget about it?

Three Walgreen’s stores in San Francisco have closed this year because of uncontrollable random looting. There is tons of YouTube video about it. I picked the one that enraged me the least. The others are worse.

Now people in those neighborhoods can’t get their prescriptions filled locally, but so what? See, if you prosecute yobs who come into the store and fill garbage bags with stolen stuff, you’d be… wait for it… “criminalizing poverty”! NEW LEFTID DOCTRINE: Anyone who feels “poor” is entitled to steal stuff.

Do they ever wonder why people are leaving their cities in droves? Or do they just deny that that is happening?

No political actor will ever admit that one of his pet policies has been disastrously wrong. You will never hear it. Not ever. Not even after they defund the police, coddle Antifa and BLM, remove penalties for crime, rupture our nation’s borders, build up the strength of Communist China, shred the family… They’ve never even admitted Obamacare was a flop. They aren’t going to start being honest now.

I always say, kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

It has begun to kill us back.

They Just Won’t Read

1,774 Boarded Up Storefront Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

I can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include reading. I grew up in a house full of books. When I was old enough, I had my own books–hundreds of them. All kinds of books.

Books are the storehouse of history, which is the collected experience of the entire human race. It’s all been written down. And not only history, but of thought as well–pure thought. Ideas! But of course if you refuse to read it, you can’t learn from that experience or examine those ideas. You’ll only be able to learn from your own–which in all probability will have nothing to do with resolving great issues that are vital to your country and the world.

Why won’t they read? The attitude is so alien to my own way of life, I can’t even imagine an answer. Who would choose to be ignorant? Lots and lots of people, it seems.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’ve got social media! Like, who wants to read about the boring Middle Ages when you can go to Facebook and find out what your BFF Farfel saw on YouTube ten minutes ago?

Where do those mobs of ignorant, overfed, whitebread college students come from, who “protest” for BLM and can’t name a single item on the Bill of Rights?

They come from Never-Read-istan. And from the costliest and most intrusive, most wasteful, and least effective education system ever devised by fallen man.

And they will destroy us if we don’t change course.

PBS, City Dept. of Education… Air ‘Drag Queen’ Show for Children

Eastern bluebird – Indiana Audubon Society

I will not allow certain images to appear on this blog. Have a couple of bluebirds instead.

(Thanks, if that’s the word for it, to Susan for the nooze tip.)

Your tax dollars at work!

WNET Television, a division of the taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting System, in partnership with the New York City Dept. of Education (more of your tax money), recently produced and aired a “drag queen story hour” show for children ages 3-8.

You’ll have to take my word for it because I will not link to anything this evil.

I offer this as a rule of thumb: When confronted by any kind of societal innovation by the Far Left Crazy, always ask, “What would happen if everybody did it?” And if the answer is either “The human race goes extinct” or “Americans lose their liberty,” then no one should do it.

But this is what happens when Democrats run a city, a county, a state, or a country.

We should not let things like this happen. Ever.

But they will keep happening for as long as there are leftids around to make them happen.

‘How Much Worse Can It Get?’ (2017)

See the source image

Here it is–pure grinning idiocy wedded to pure evil.

I’m afraid we’ll soon find out how much worse it can get. Having stolen our country out from under us, Democrats are fanatically committed to the whole transgender mania.

How Much Worse Can It Get?

This is, of course, just plain wrong, just plain crazy, and just plain evil. Their end goal is to force us to say it isn’t. Once they can beat us into “celebrating” transgender, that’s it, we’re done.

May the Judge of all the earth deliver us. Have mercy on us, O God, for your name’s sake.

In Pursuit of Extinction

Cult Movie: Remember those scary skeletons from Jason And The Argonauts? -  The Irish News

Let me say up front that I don’t believe, not for a minute, that God will allow the extinction of the human race. Nevertheless, the Smartest People In The World are ardently pursuing it. Gotta reduce the human population, say Bill & Melinda Gates.

To that end, our weird and iffy government has enacted policies that seem purposely designed to put us under.

*They’re committed to the idiotic insanity of “transgender,” big-time. And if you really want troubled sleep, start trying to imagine what they’ll come up with after this.

*They’ve ruptured our nation’s southern border, allowing and encouraging multitudes of people to swarm into America illegally, with no checking for diseases. Mass migrations and exchanges of disease is what Bob Bakker thinks killed off the dinosaurs. It certainly wouldn’t have helped.

*They keep trying to expand the abortion industry.

*They allow and encourage rioting throughout our cities, and spice it up by fomenting racial animosities.

*Their government schools, by dint of “Critical Race Theory,” teach children to hate their country, themselves, and each other.

Stop there. It’s depressing enough already.

The question is, for how long can we pursue these crazy policies without turning our country into a train wreck? It’s been done to other countries. Why not ours? And then they can declare, “Well, hell, all that freedom and liberty stuff doesn’t work, we’ll have to be more authoritarian or everybody’s gonna die!” Kiss our republic goodbye.

Another question: will God Almighty stop them?

Pray often. Pray hard.