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The End of a Great Civilization

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I have never in my life seen anything pushed like “transgender” is being pushed today. And it makes me wonder, “What’s next?”

We never get to a stopping place with “liberation”–which is what they call it when they want to mainstream sexual aberrations which used to be called, and with damned good reason, sins. There’s always something else. The moment they clinched “gay marriage” at the Supreme Court, they opened the throttle wide for “transgender.”

To be sure, there are other perversions they can work to normalize–I would rather not mention them by name–but it’s difficult to imagine how any of them could be any crazier than “transgender.” Remember, it’s always got to be something that appalls normal people: and then the fun lies in beating them over the head with it, day in, day out, until they finally give in and say it’s acceptable, and anyone who’s still against it is a Hater and mustn’t be allowed to earn a living. There must be something tremendously exciting about addling other people’s minds–to say nothing of subjecting them to the humiliation of having to say things they know are untrue. This is the kind of thing that makes a liberal’s life worth living.

So let me tell you what I think comes next.

They’re going to try to make it compulsory.

Look, it’s already sort of compulsory–you can be stripped of your job, publicly denounced, sentenced to “sensitivity training” or “rehabilitation”–if you were really an American, that should make your hair stand on end–just for saying the “wrong” thing or not saying the required thing. How big a step is it from forcing you to say you like and “celebrate” “gay marriage,” to forcing you to attend such an event? Not a big step at all, and we’re already at Step One.

Eventually the only place left to go will be to force people to undergo a “liberation” experience whether they want it or not.

And then our civilization totally collapses and an awful lot of people perish in the wreckage.

Because, you see, our intellectuals and politicians and judges aren’t really smarter than God.

Pray He puts them down before they can finish the job they’re doing on us.

Is ‘Transgender’ the Left’s Shari’a?

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Ah, the dreck we have to put up with as “news”!

By a vote of 5-0–how does this happen?–the school board in West Point, Virginia, has fired a high school teacher for refusing to use the “preferred pronoun” of some mentally ill girl who says she’s now a boy (http://joemiller.us/2018/12/teacher-fired-for-using-wrong-pronoun-for-transgender-100-students-protest-firing/).

See, he didn’t recognize her “gender transition” into a him, and that’s “misgendering,” which is a form of “hate speech,” and… and… and!

Just for the record, because truth matters even if our high-and-mighty school boards say it doesn’t, there is no such thing as a “transgender person.” All we have here is a mutilated girl who suffers from a delusion–and a lot of evil liberals who demand the rest of us kow-tow to that delusion.

And you can’t earn your living if you don’t at least pay lip service to something that you not only know is flat-out untrue, but is also an abomination–and it diminishes your dignity every time you allow them to force you to say it.

Hey! Suddenly I think I know why liberals are so in love with Islam! They’ve got a lot in common. The details of the law are radically different, but both of them have a kind of sacred law that they seek to impose on everybody else–a law that brooks no dissent, and punishes every deviation harshly. If that doesn’t describe the Left, I don’t know what does.

For how much longer are we in America going to be forced to bow down to the “transgender” delusion? How did these kooks acquire a “right” to our subservience?

When are we going to rediscover our self-respect?

Poncing His Way to ‘Miss Universe’

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You didn’t think I was going to show this wretched man, did you? Here’s a nice cardinal instead.

Some guy named “Angela” Ponce, done up as a woman, is reportedly the odds-on favorite to win this year’s Miss Universe pageant (https://theblast.com/miss-universe-spain-transgender-gambling-angela-ponce/).

All right–who’s the satirist?

In British slang, “ponce” denotes “an effeminate man… milksop… namby-pamby.” And this guy’s name is “Ponce”?? Go ahead, pull the other one.

I have never watched a beauty pageant, and please don’t ask me what its purpose is, ’cause I don’t know. In light of current developments, I can’t even imagine what purpose it might serve.

All I know is, never in my life have I seen anything anywhere near as fanatical as the push for “transgender.”

Why? Why does anybody want this? In the absence of any obvious gain of wealth, power, or prestige, to me it looks like the impetus can only be Satanic. It is a revolt against God and His sovereignty over His creation: “Male and female created He them.” Only the devil can object to that–him, and the people he deludes.

Turning Loose the Demons

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Mike Adams, “the Health Ranger,” warns that Far Left Crazies, taking crazed Democrat rhetoric to heart, are getting together on the social media to plot acts of violence and terrorism–including murder (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-30-mike-adams-warns-senators-supreme-court-unhinged-left-kill-teams-home-invasions.html).

Uh, hey, Facebook! Twitter! Didn’t you say something about censoring “hate speech” and any speech that tends to “promote violence”? Oh–you mean conservative speech. Any speech that doesn’t have the Nancy Pelosi Seal of Approval. That’s “hate.”

According to Adams, unhinged liberal wackos are organizing into “kill teams”–again, using the social media that routinely censors and bans non-liberals–to assault or even assassinate conservative senators, judges, radio personalities, etc. They advocate “doxxing” prominent conservatives–that is, releasing their home addresses and other private information to crazed leftids who might want to kill them–home invasions to terrorize their victims’ families, mob assaults on any conservative who might appear in public, use of government databases leaked, on purpose, to left-wing mobs, and, of course, censorship of conservatives by lib-owned social media. You can see that a lot of these things, they’ve already done–including attempted assassinations. 

See, we can’t dismiss Mike Adams’ claims as overstated because the leftids have already attacked people, tried to kill them, censored them, threatened and assaulted them in public. We are not talking about things that these people are averse to doing.

Catchy new Democrat slogan: “Make sure we win the midterm elections, or we’ll kill you.”

Can you imagine what these people’s children must be like? Presuming they have any.

The Race to the Bottom (England Winning?)

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It’s hard to find horror images that quite match up to the horror of this story.

How is the human race, in any imaginable way, supposed to benefit from this?

At a primary school in England, children six years old and up are being taught–well, I don’t know what they’re being taught–by having to insert themselves as characters into a “gay” fairy tale and then write “love letters” proposing marriage to another character of the same sex (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bbc-highlights-6-year-olds-forced-to-write-gay-love-letter-to-teach-accepti).

Oh, wait–it’s supposed to teach “acceptance.” Glad we’ve got that straightened out. In fact, this school, Bewsey Lodge, has won an “Educate and Celebrate” Award. Educate, celebrate… indoctrinate, deteriorate.

Why do parents subject their children to this?

St. Patrick was born in what is now England. Shows you how much things can change.

Is it necessary to state that if everybody actually practiced the Far Left Crazy virtues of homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, and assisted suicide, there would be nobody left? Like, if we all did these things, we’d go extinct! So they must be bad, right? Huh?

But then isn’t that the point of the whole business?

Leftism–delivered to you fresh from Hell.

Why Does Netflix Push Teen Suicide?

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There is vileness in our popular culture that defies rational explanation. Like, for instance, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, whose purpose seems to be to persuade young people to commit suicide.

The American Family Assn. has a petition asking Netflix to cancel the series (https://www.afa.net/who-we-are/press-releases/2018/warnings-about-netflix-s-13-reasons-why/). If you click the link, you can find out how you can sign the petition. AFA president Tim Wildmon has also requested a meeting with the Netflix CEO, but Netflix turned him down.

Netflix is also famous for its recent airing of “A Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.”

Anyway, Season 2 of 13 Reasons is coming up, sort of geared to the back-to-school season. Season 1 ended with a 3-minute-long graphic depiction of a teenaged girl committing suicide.

In real life, a 14-year-old girl killed herself after watching 13 Reasons.

In addition to justifying suicide, 13 Reasons serves up a full menu of sex, crime, violence, and perversion. All of it pitched to teens.

Why do we have this in our culture? Who has decided that we need it?

We’re running out of “What next?” scenarios. There almost is no “what next.” I don’t even feel I’m on safe ground by saying Hollywood has not yet endorsed serial murder: I may have missed something along those lines.

One does not murder the culture with impunity. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Hollywood, colleges and looniversities, teachers’ unions, public schools, and liberals are working tirelessly, unceasingly, to kill our culture piece by piece. I don’t know why they do it, what they hope to gain. I can only believe the entire enterprise from top to bottom is satanic in its origin.

Because I just can’t see the benefit of this to anybody.

Now You’ve Heard Everything

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What? You thought I was going to run a picture of a sex bot? Uh-uh, no way. Here’s another day gecko, this one working on emerging from the egg. Cute little beggars, aren’t they?

How crazy can it get?

They’ve set up brothels where you can “have sex”–I really must put that in quotes, because it’s only a simulation of sex–with “sex bots,” robotic facsimiles of women. Sort of like having a romance with your toaster-oven. Like, dude, it’s a machine, it’s not real.

Anyway, these sex bot brothels have begun to take off, which is now perceived as a threat to brothels where the whores are real. They call themselves “sex workers” now. I will stick to the older terminology. The whores are saying that sex bot brothels are “dehumanizing and dangerous,” “an insult to sex workers,” and “encourage disrespect toward women” (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/7289486/sex-robots-prostitutes-workers-love-dolls-brothel/).

Uh, like, the regular whorehouse doesn’t encourage disrespect toward women?

Oh, no, say the whores. See, goin’ to the sex bots will alienate the immoral slob of a man “from healthy sexual experiences with real women.” Good grief. Someone’s sure to say I’m making this up, it’s all a satire. I only wish it was. I’m only a fantasy writer, I can’t invent stuff this loopy.

They say, “Sex workers offer… authentic intimacy and two-way affection.” In fact, going to a brothel and paying some stranger for sex (or a simulation thereof) “enhances his ability to be intimate with other women.” That oughta fly in divorce court: “I only hired this here prostitute, your honor, to enhance my ability to be intimate with my wife.” Yowsah. And heavy consumption of pornography makes the heart more loving, the eyes brighter, and the pelt shinier.

It is embarrassing to be living in this age! I feel like my ancestors, looking down from Heaven, are thumbing their noses and making rude noises at me–if they don’t just turn away in pity.

O Lord! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

None of this crazy crap can possibly turn out well for us.

These Kids Are Not All Right

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So how’s that wonderful post-Christian culture working out for us?

In Auburn, Washington, a couple of “youths”–the attached video will make it clear what that’s a euphemism for–robbed a convenience store at a Shell station after the clerk suddenly suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the floor (https://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/09/12/watch-teens-rob-store-after-watching-clerk-suffer-heart-attack/). It took the youths only a moment to decide to jump over the counter and rob the cash register.

They made no attempt to summon help for the stricken clerk.

The incident was captured on the store’s surveillance camera. Click the link to watch the video. Police shouldn’t find it difficult to find and bust the robbers, if they try.

The clerk is now in a hospital, on life support. Had any of the “youths” called for an ambulance right away, the man’s chances of survival might be better.

The question is: Who is training these children? Who has permitted them to grow up into heartless, cruel, moral imbeciles?

God help us if we won’t help each other.

Someone is building a world that won’t be very nice, or safe, to live in. But that’s the kind of world you get when God’s laws are ignored.

A Tossed Salad of Blather

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Honest, I would report good news if I could find some. But mostly I’m stuck writing about what we get as a reward for turning our backs to God and seeking, of all things, a utopia designed by idiots and sinners: in the words of my editor, Susan, “an omelet made with rotten eggs.”

And so I’m here to tell you that the University of Kansas is setting up a “feminist parenting group… for raising intersectional feminist children,” whatever the hell they are (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11250). They will practice “intersectional trans-inclusive feminism” and “challenge kyriarchy,” whatever the hell that is, while “rejecting the gender binary.”

Blah, blah–a tossed salad of blather. Tossed all over the room. Sticking to the ceiling and the walls.

What I want to know is, what kind of man marries one of these creatures? You can’t even talk to them: they speak pure gibberish. They laugh at certain kinds of religious people who speak in tongues–but what are they doing? And what kind of man wants to wake up to that every morning, and go to bed to that every night?

Our universities are wasting our money, turning young people into babbling blockheads, and maiming our culture. 

Defund them before they finish what they’ve started. Believe me, you don’t want to live in the kind of world they’re making.

Our Toxic Culture: Boy, 9, Commits Suicide

Sex Education & Graphic Images for K-5 In Public Schools. A dejected and worried young girl in a classroom with the words "Sex Ed" written on the blackboard.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back. This process has already begun.

A 9-year-old boy in Colorado has, according to the medical examiner, committed suicide (Sorry, no link–%$#$@ computer has suddenly forgotten how to do that: it must have gone to public school). We are told the child “came out as gay” during the summer, and now, just four days into the school year, he’s dead–because the other kids “bullied” him and told him he should kill himself. Which apparently he did by hanging himself.

A few questions spring to mind.

Who put it into a 9-year-old kid’s mind that he was “gay”? Really, what kind of 9-year-old spouts a thing like that? One immediately suspects the school, with our popular culture a close second.

For that matter, what kind of 9-year-old commits suicide? What kind of age group peers try to talk another child into killing himself? Where did they get that idea? (Social media tries to sneak out of room…)

If he was being “bullied” to death, what was the classroom teacher doing at the time? And why did his mother (there is, it almost goes without saying, no father in the picture) keep sending him to school?

What did anyone honestly expect to happen? A triumphal parade? The whole student body cheering?

What kind of potted plant, acting as a parent, receives from her 9-year-old the news, “Hey, I’m gay,” and reacts as if all he’d said was “I’d kind of like to be a fireman when I grow up”?

Our public schools teach our children an ideology of sexual anarchy. Right and wrong have been replaced by “safe and unsafe.”

If you have children in public school, you’d be very wise to get them out of there as fast as you can.

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