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Air Force Colonel Grounded for Not ‘Affirming’ Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

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Is it still his Air Force?

Remember when the mission of the Air Force was to deter America’s enemies from attacking her, or, if they chose not to be deterred, defeating them?

Well, that’s Job No. 2. Apparently Job No. 1, nowadays, is to make a couple of sodomites feel good about themselves.

A decorated Air Force colonel, a combat veteran, has been denied promotion, his career probably over, because he “refused to publicly affirm the same-sex marriage of a retiring subordinate” (http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/10/16/air-force-punishes-colonel-who-refused-to-affirm-gay-marriage-attorney-says.html). Note the colonel did not climb up on a soapbox and denounce sodomy and its practitioners. All he did was not affirm the wicked parody of holy matrimony. Laws used to tell you what you couldn’t do, but now they also tell you what you must do. Let freedom ring.

Once again the Left–in this case, the leftid creatures implanted by Obama into the highest ranks of our armed services–imposes a religious test, in flagrant defiance of the Constitution. It really is beginning to look like you’ve got to trample on the Cross if you want to hold any kind of public position.

This would be a good time for the Commander-in-Chief to step in and say, “Oh, no, you don’t!” To force decent people to make a public endorsement of sin ought to be intolerable in America. To weed the loony leftids out of our top brass would be an invaluable service to the country.

Until this shameful injustice is rectified, three boos to the Air Force.

Meanwhile, Back in Australia…

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Well, as far as my book goes, I’m dead in the water until the IT guy can come and hopefully rescue my chapters.

Meanwhile, the nooze media in Australia show they’re as far out on the Left as our own noozies in America.

Next month they’re going to vote in Australia on whether to impose “gay marriage” on themselves–and guess which side the impartial journalists are on, big-time. The Yes Vote looked like it had clear sailing, but got carried away with the usual leftid name-calling, threats, and bullying, and put a lot of people off, enabling the No Vote to make up lost ground.

An ad produced by three “mums” opposed to the whole enterprise quite reasonably argued, “Our kids are not your social experiment”–referring, of course, to the radically pro-homosexual “sex education” that will be the rule in every school, once same-sex pseudomarriage comes in. This has happened here, in Britain, in Canada, and in several other countries.

But the noozies report it as “a bizarre new video” by the No Mums “stating their case against marriage equality” (http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/our-kids-are-not-your-social-experiment-the-no-vote-mums-are-back/news-story/01d756c68b08e149b27110056bdcd69c)–loaded language, and how! Well, this is what happens when leftids get to define the terms of the discussion. “Marriage equality”–that label stinks. And of course ordinary family life would seem “bizarre” to any leftid noozies, who can only think in terms of abortion, homosexuality, and “gender reassignment.” For them, that’s the normal stuff. To them, regular people are “bizarre.”

No Western country yet has been able to defeat the cultural Marxist “gay rights” Trojan horse. They’ve all permitted it to be wheeled through the gates.

Join Poland in prayer, everyone.

We need it.

Update, Australia: A Very Convoluted Double Standard

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Australia’s going to vote on whether to poison itself with “gay marriage,” and, as always seems to happen, the power elite have hopped aboard the Sodomy Express and are now doing everything in their power to make sure the vote goes “Yes.”

Again, as always happens, the “Yes” side musters a powerful argument consisting of abuse, threats, name-calling, and sometimes violence: very powerful rhetorical tools.

So when the “No” side made an ad featuring some of the dirt the Yessies have been throwing at them, that ad was banned from Australian TV…”due to its contents”! (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/09/30/-no–ad-banned-from-afl-air-time.html)

Let’s see if we can unpack this, um, reasoning. It’s okay for the Yessies to spout abuse and threats–like, it’s for a good cause? is that it?–but it would be hateful or something to let the public see and hear what the Yessies are doing. Calling someone a “homophobic maggot” and saying “I hope someone kicks your teeth in” is just fine, but reporting such comments is like, y’know, beyond the pale.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.

The fun will really start when they have to decide who gets to rule the rubble that used to be Western civilization: radical Islam, Organized Sodomy, or the sleazy leftid politicians who used the other two to get themselves more power. My money’s on the jihadis to pitch their competitors off the roots of tall buildings.

Unless the Lord Our God first intervenes.

And Now… the ‘Mad Pooper’

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[Warning: Disgusting content. I can’t help what’s in the news from day to day. But an item like this shows our culture is seriously in need of help.]

Police in Colorado Springs are still trying to catch the woman who for seven weeks has been enhancing her jogging experience by defecating on people’s front lawns (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/20/police-seek-mad-pooper-woman-jogger-whos-defecating-shamelessly-on-peoples-front-lawns.html). Residents have pleaded with her to stop, but it seems she hasn’t.

They’ve got her on videotape but they still haven’t been able to track her down. Said the policeman in charge of the case, “It’s not something I’ve seen in my career.”

Anybody got a lasso?

So yesterday it was the loony woman who attacked shoppers in her local supermarket and then dove in among the produce to rub herself down with fruits and vegetables as if she were taking a bath. And today it’s “the mad pooper.”

Dare we suggest that there’s something very bad happening to our culture? That it seems to be driving people crazy? Could it possibly, maybe, have anything to do with a large-scale rejection of God and a wide embrace of all kinds of lunatic ideas and behaviors? If society-wide abomination and immorality are accepted, hailed, and “celebrated,” might it not be imitated by individuals who are not too tightly wrapped to begin with?

God’s laws keep us sane.

Whatever we want to call what we’re doing now… doesn’t.

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

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It ought to be against the Geneva  Convention to start school before Labor Day. But in some parts of the country, it has. And the first education outrages of the new school year have already been perpetrated.

At Rocklin Academy in California (where else?)–kids come home from this school in tears, and have nightmares, from the mandatory “gender” lessons that scare some little ones into thinking they might spontaneously change sex–the principal has “investigated” a first-grade girl for the crime of “misgendering” a classmate (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/08/31/the-lefts-pronoun-tyranny-first-grader-sent-to-principals-office-for-misgendering-another-student/).

This enemy of the people said hello to a boy she knew, but didn’t know that he was now “transitioning” into a “girl” and so addressed him by his old name, calling him Floyd instead of Petunia, or whatever the names in question were. Although the intrepid investigators eventually concluded that the girl had only erred because she really didn’t know the boy was now calling himself a girl–ah, wait, stop! I can’t write any more of this.

Why is anybody still sending children to these schools?

“We won’t stop until we’ve convinced all the boys that they’re girls and all the girls that they’re boys!”

“What good will that do?”

There can be no answer to that question.

One of the results of this age is the new building program Down Below. They’re gonna need a bigger Hell. And an extra-hot oven for all these perverted “educators” and the morale imbecile parents who let them get away with it.

To do these things to children–!

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

London Authorities Assign Christian Girl, 5, to Muslim Foster Parents

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Are they that crazy, that ignorant, or that evil, that they pack off a 5-year-old English Christian girl to live with Muslims who don’t speak English, won’t let the child eat English food provided by her–well, her mother, and who take away the cross she wears around her neck? (https://tribune.com.pk/story/1492966/christian-foster-child-begs-not-sent-back-muslim-foster-family-uk/)

Everybody’s keeping mum all at once. The silence is deafening. Why was this child put into foster care, with her mother still alive? Why, when her grandparents were willing to take care of her, was this child forced into strange and threatening surroundings? The local authority in charge has given no reason for these decisions. The Dept. for Education refuses to comment.

Why don’t the so-called journalists investigate the matter and find out the reason? Don’t they know how to do that?

I suppose we ought to count the little girl lucky she wasn’t left in that situation long enough to be shipped off to the Middle East for a quick genital mutilation.

Just for fun, try to imagine what would happen if a Muslim girl were fostered out to Christians who told her Islam was a false religion and wouldn’t let her read the Koran.

But hold on–this is London we’re talking about, and that would never happen.

Prediction: Libs Will Support Pedophilia

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Given that a bunch of academics has been stumping for “consensual intergenerational sex” for years, this is hardly a prediction: some liberals are already doing this, and have been for a while.

To state it more explicitly, when “transgender” has run its course and liberals are ready to shatter another boundary of sexual morality, their new invented “right” will be a right to pedophilia (or whatever euphemism they employ), and the Democrat Party, NPR, Big News Media, and a couple thousand college professors will support it.

The Democrat Party will support a right to have sex with children.

I wish I were wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

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Is this getting out of hand or what?

“So, Jason, you’re four years old today! What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Oh, I want to be a girl! And my mommy and my school promised I could take those ‘stop puberty’ drugs real soon! I don’t know what puberty is, but I know it’s very bad!”

Planned Parenthood–whose goal is stopping human reproduction by any means available–has come out with new guidelines to “teach” pre-schoolers, three and four years old, all about transgenderism and masturbation. ( http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/you-will-be-shocked-when-you-learn-what-planned-parenthood-wants-to-teach-preschoolers-about-sex) They also propose to teach parents “ways of determining whether your child is trans or not”–something that would not occur to any normal parent. But “talking with a counselor or therapist who’s familiar and supportive of LGBTQ identities–” what the Hell is this, anyway?–“is a good idea.” Oh, yeah: best idea since “ye shall be as gods.”

Planned Parenthood carries on this pogrom against sanity in the public schools, which we all pay for, and with $500 million of our own tax moneys, doled out to them every year by a Congress which is curiously inattentive to our wishes.

Have any of you, ever in your lives, seen anything take off like this push for “transgender”? Satan has scored big with this one.

If we don’t put a stop to it, God will.

Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip.

College Big Shot: Go Easy on Goons

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Evergreen State College, in Washington–the state legislature is trying to de-fund it, but no luck so far–home of a “diversity day” that bars white persons from the campus, is in the news again.

The interim provost there has asked the school’s professors to go easy on the thugs and goons who “have diverted time and energy from their academic work… to promote institutional change and social justice” (http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=9398)–by vandalizing property, threatening and assaulting anyone who won’t agree with them, shutting down classes, and turning the campus into a combat zone.

Oh, heck, yeah, they should be rewarded for that! Good grades for all! Everybody who threw a brick through a window, or at someone else’s head–a nice big A for you!

Why don’t they just offer a degree in hooliganism?

America has ten times as many colleges and universities as any civilized country needs, ten times as many students, and probably twenty times as many professors, instructors, diversity experts, and full-time ninnies on stilts as the whole blamed planet needs.

Cut it down.

Just cut it down.


The Age of Frankenstein

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It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves  –Psalm 100:3

So I go to youtube, looking for a hymn to post this morning. And right up there at the top of the page is the “rainbow” flag of Organized Sodomy, followed immediately by a selection of videos encouraging people to take “pride” in sexual practices condemned as abominations in the Bible. Even a special video on “Latino Drag Queens”!

Have I died and gone to Hell?

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them      –Genesis 1:27

But the image of God, which ought to be our glory, isn’t good enough for us anymore, not by a long shot. We want to be our own creators, to create ourselves. Sort of like Dr. Frankenstein cobbling together a body out of a lot of dead parts, zapping it with electricity, and bringing to life an artificial man created by a sinner. Should that have been expected to work out any better than it did?

But no–no more of this male and female stuff! We create ourselves, and we will choose our gender! God is just a big old hater and bully and we don’t need Him anymore, we never needed Him, and He doesn’t exist–we exist! The product of blind chance and Evolution! We create ourselves!

Hence the “pride” parades. Pride in sin. Pride in shame. Pride in Satanic rebellion against the sovereign Lord of all the Universe. That’s what this whole business is all about. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

O Lord Our God! When you judge this country, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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