The Grand Canyon of Perversion

Special Issue: Gender Revolution

(Thanks to Susan for the video clip)

[Warning: Disgusting content]

If perversion were a ditch, the material under discussion in this video would be the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been chided for being unwilling to believe that anyone could ever reach such depths of perversion. First transgenderism, then transhumanism–just a hop, skip, and jump. I mean, is this profoundly insane, or what? Become immortal by uploading your virtual self onto a computer! Your virtual self will go on and on after your body dies.

That’s like saying you live forever because you appear in someone’s home movies.

It’s easy to see the link between transgenderism and transhumanism. The one leads naturally, one might say inevitably, to the other. Both are the direct result of denying and rejecting God. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:22).

And the deferential duffer who interviews this wacked-out man who pretends to be a woman is just as big a fool: they deserve each other. Joe Pyne, come back…

But no kidding, folks–this stuff has to stop. And I believe God put us on this earth, here and now, to stop it. Please, Lord, show us how! ‘Cause we haven’t figured it out yet.

Spam and the End of the World

How We All Became “Garbage” People - The Ringer

If you think our civilization’s not turning into a colossal dumpster fire… have you cleaned out your spam cache lately?

We cleaned ours out yesterday, hundreds of emails that we blocked, pages and pages worth.

The great majority of them addressed what must be a very widely held belief that American men have these teeny-tiny penises, barely detectable even under strong light–but not to worry, our product will turn you into a sexual superman! Our favorite touted a “Nazi doctor” who could increase the size of your willie by 68%. And really, a lot of these are much too filthy to describe or even hint at.

Others offered once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to cash in on huge piles of money stored away somewhere in Africa, all you have to do is send Mr. Mbombo your credit card number. You’ll be rich before you dot another i, Bob Cratchit!

It’s hard to shake the impression that there’s something very wrong here. Do I even want to know how many poor souls eagerly respond to these ads? How many members of Congress? (It occurs to me that that last may have been a poor choice of words. But let it stand.)

Something happened to America, culturally. Something bad. What was it? Any ideas?


I Don’t Want to Believe This…

Pixel censored sign. Black censor bar concept. - Stock Illustration  [63838458] - PIXTA

This may be the most bizarre public school story yet (

This year’s annual “homecoming activity” at Hazard High School, in Kentucky, featured scantily-clad male students in girls’ lingerie giving lap dances to staff–including the principal!–and female students dressed as Hooters waitresses. And if you want more details, and your stomach is strong, click the link to the news report by The Postmillenial.

I don’t want to believe it, but I have to. The Superintendent of Schools has issued an official statement in which nothing was denied. The superintendent said “Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken following an investigation”–but “no further information” is offered, she added.

Uh, what would “appropriate disciplinary action” be, in this case? Fire the principal and every member of the staff that attended the event? Pictures of these goings-on were posted on the Hazard High School Athletics page and then found their way onto the social media. I’m not going to post any of them here. The point is, nobody can deny what happened. And no one seems to have tried to.

I’ve seen the pictures. They leave nothing to the imagination.

How about it, America? Had enough of public education yet? Enough of Far Left teachers’ unions and overpaid administrative staff whose mental landscapes can hardly be imagined?

How much farther does this have to go?

It’s Not As Much Fun As You Think


Sure you wanna go where this bus is goin’?

School boards acting like German officers occupying France. Critical Race Theory. College. Transgender jihad. Superman’s son is a homosexual. Citizens of the world. And oh, God, transhumanism: leftist bigwigs to live forever.

Believe it or not, it’s not really all that much fun to write about this stuff. Well, I mean, given that these are all symptoms of a culture in the grip of a potentially fatal disease–and only just a few of many symptoms, at that–kind of takes the zest out of the enterprise. Like, how in the world is anybody gonna satirize this schiff?

It can get you down.

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Psalm 2:1) “Vain” is putting it mildly. And so much of it is nothing more than babble! Pure meaningless drivel. “Our commitment to diversity–” how can you even say that without your tongue going on strike?

(And the useful idiots come swarming out of college like the zombies in Carnival of Souls, brandishing their degrees in Gender Studies, gibbering so mindlessly, they can’t even understand themselves… You really do wonder why Democrats ever have to cheat to win.)

Sun’s out! Back to my book.


Are They Selling Insanity?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Check out this ad for John Lewis Home Insurance: they call it “Let life happen.”

Life? This is… life? A ten-year-old boy in drag, with lipstick, running around wrecking the house. This child’s future surely includes a maximum-security psychiatric hospital. If someone doesn’t euthanize him first.

I can’t imagine what they’re selling here. “Don’t worry, you’re covered for all the damage the kid did”? But I don’t think you can buy an insurance policy that lets you off the hook for demonic possession.

Somebody, somewhere, who was paid for his advice, told the insurance company that this ad would help them sell their product.

We’re gonna need a bigger asylum.

P.S.–Their earlier ads were nothing like this. Nothing like it at all.


FBI: Murders Went Up 30% in 2020

Mayor Wheeler, city leaders address Portland riots | KATU

Maybe not so “mostly peaceful,” after all

Wait a minute. Wasn’t 2020 the year various Democrat governors and city councils started letting convicted felons out of jail so that they wouldn’t catch COVID? Weren’t there at least a few of us who didn’t think this was a good idea?

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, recently published, says there were 21,570 homicides reported last year–30% more than in 2019 ( In fact, said the FBI, it was the largest increase ever recorded.


Maybe beating the drum for defunding the police, and calling violent riots “mostly peaceful protests,” and letting bad guys walk free after being arrested… maybe those policies had something to do with the 30% increase in murders.

And do people tend to behave themselves more peaceably when governors and “scientists” and noozies are shouting “We’re doomed, we’re doomed!” 24/7? COVID gonna kill us–and then there’s Climate Change! And systemic racism! And the fact that there was once a Confederate States of America! Why even try to live peaceably?

We keep telling you: Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

‘And Now… The “Mad Pooper”‘ (2017)

See the source image

“Look inside yourself” may not be good advice for some people.

(Hello? Anybody here? Zero comments this morning. Was it something I said?)

Remember this? Although they had lots of witnesses, plus videotape, police in Colorado Springs couldn’t catch this woman who liked to enhance her morning jog by crapping on people’s lawns.

And Now… the ‘Mad Pooper’

Do you ever get the impression that our culture is coming unglued? How much full-blown lunacy does it take to put a civilization down for the count?

I wonder what the Indus Valley people were “celebrating” and “affirming” when their whole civilization went bust.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 5 (‘Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop’)

See the source image

We–and I don’t mean just America, but the whole wide world of Western civilization–are doing stupid stuff that has to stop before it kills us. We have to stop doing it. We have to stop letting it be done to us.

Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop

Who, besides the Democrat Party, would benefit from heightened racial animosity, ruptured borders, transgender tommyrot, and one damned lockdown after another? Who would ever want to live this way?

They’d eat us if they didn’t enjoy bullying us so much.

We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting | (video) New York Post

Just another day at Walmart…

I saw four videos yesterday that made me fear for the long-term survival of our culture. Count ’em–four.

*The man who’s supposed to be our president babbling incoherently about a man in the moon and aliens.

*A rash of brawls, stabbings, and shootings at various Walmart stores throughout the land. Crashing one’s car through the storefront seems to be growing more popular.

*In broad daylight, various cruise ships and cargo vessels, presumably with the captain and officers awake and aided by electronic navigation equipment, crashing into the dock or into other ships. This really should not happen.

*A horrible set of serial murders centered around our Yosemite National Park–singularly savage and heartless crimes.

Maybe that has something to do with why I slept poorly last night and felt so tired and  crabby all morning.

Really, this stuff has to be stopped. Our civilization won’t stand it.

But like I say, kill the culture and it’ll kill you back. I honestly don’t remember the nooze being anywhere near so awful when I was a boy.

Barking Mad Crazy?

Lunatic Straitjacket Image & Photo (Free Trial) | Bigstock

Just call me “Civilization”!

A story I reported last Friday has stuck with me and, I fear, convinced me that our whole civilization has gone haywire: to wit, the decision by Ontario “school officials” (euphemism for dunderheads) to teach 9th graders that 2+2 isn’t 4 (

Look at the scenery, dude, and tell me this is not a horror movie. Men are women with penises. Woman are men with vaginas. Right answers to math problems are racist. We have to stop talking about “shark attacks” because it’ll hurt sharks’ feelings.

The question is, For how long can you run a civilization on pure babbling nonsense before it crashes and burns? Like, if the math is wrong, the bridge will fall down, the plane will crash, the medicine won’t make you better… etc., etc. And meanwhile they’re purposely and energetically teaching children to hate and fear each other based on race.

How much longer can this last?

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure…  Psalm 2

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth to save us when this carnival of lunacy goes up in smoke.