‘Miss Universe’ Goes Off the Deep End

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This is just too much. Here are a couple of nice puppies instead.

I don’t know anyone who plans to watch it, but this year’s Miss Universe contest has gone full-throttle woke (https://ussanews.com/2022/06/16/miss-universe-goes-woke-insists-not-all-people-who-menstruate-are-women/).

“Not all people who menstruate are women,” proclaim the pageant’s organizers. So they’re going to stress “inclusive language,” which they declare will promote “Menstrual Equity.” They wish to join Kitanji Whatsername in claiming that they don’t know, anymore, what a woman is. There’s a great deal more woke babble I could quote, but gee whiz, it’s Friday and I’m about fed up to here with nooze.

Question! In their wildest dreams, do these dindles honestly believe the American people enjoy, accept, or want any of this schiff? Far Left Crazies say they want it, but that’s only because it’s been spoon-fed to them by their goofy gurus and they have no idea why they want it: they just mindlessly spit out talking points whenever they feel the need to insult their own and their listeners’ intelligence and even sanity.

Who sez you can’t have feminism and the total deconstruction of “women” at the same time?

How do we get out of here? Where’s the freakin’ exit?

‘Men Can’t Be Lesbians’? Jail for You!

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I wonder why more people don’t run screaming to the sidewalk, trying to escape this evil age.

So… In Denmark, a woman faces up to three years in prison (!!) for saying, and posting it on Twitter, that men cannot be lesbians (https://expose-news.com/2022/06/12/men-cannot-be-lesbians-thinkpol-investigates/). She also said that men cannot be mothers. (Horrified gasps)

This rates jail time? Really? Yeahbut, yeahbut! Some wacko of a tranny complained! Shouldn’t that automatically land you in solitary confinement–or do they only do that to you for trespassing?

Do we honestly want to live in a world where you can go to jail for stating the freakin’ obvious?

The people who are building this prison for us need to be stopped.

Public School Again (andagainandagain…)

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Turning our culture into a toxic waste dump

What? Your kids are still in public school? Are you sure that’s where you want them?

Today’s Daily Public School Outrage takes us to Tompkins Middle School, Manhattan, where kids are “taught” by intensely perverted individuals how to apply “drag queen makeup” (https://thepostmillennial.com/nyc-public-school-teaches-middle-schoolers-how-to-do-drag-makeup). The goal, according to one mutant from the Drag Queen Story Hour, is to “erase binary gender altogether.” Yowsah, yowsah. So this, er, stuff teaches “inclusion and equity”–words which have become meaningless.

And for a mere $400 fee, your child can get a drag queen makeup tutorial!

The whole mess is sponsored by the New York City Council. With tax dollars.

What are our public “educators” trying to do to us? Let’s say you really can erase binary gender. What kind of hell-hole do you wind up with then?

Combine all this tranny schiff with abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, drugs, and the rest of the Far Left Crazy de luxe fun-pack… and it adds up to extinction. If we all do these things, the human race will die.

See? We’ve had a new public school outrage for each of three days in a row. I expect there are more of them than there are days on the calendar.

Why are anybody’s children still in public school?

My Newswithviews Column, May 26 (‘Big Shots With Lame Excuses’)

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“The tanks’ll shut ’em up!”

Two days in a row this week, we were treated to totally lame excuses offered up by big shots who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In both cases, the whole mess was blamed on someone else.

Big Shots with Lame Excuses

Which is more spectacularly awful? The National School Boards Assn. wanting tanks called in to silence parents (maybe we could have, like, our own Tien An Men Square!), or the State Farm Insurance Co. dispatching “hundreds of agents and employees” to feed transgender propaganda to five-year-olds? I can’t decide!

They’re killing our culture; and as we’ve seen in just the past week, the ruined culture will kill you back.

Reverse Morality: It’s the Coming Thing

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil... (Isaiah 5:20) | Christian  song lyrics, Evil quotes, Bible truth

Somewhere in the dark, wicked evil persons are looking at America’s children and saying, “If the abortionist doesn’t get ’em, the transgender movement will; and if that doesn’t get ’em, and make ’em sterile, LGBTQ will.” The objective is the extinction of the human race (“All them that hate me love death,” Proverbs 8:36).

Okay, it’s a parable. But how else can we explain what’s being done to us?

State Farm, the insurance company, has announced a plan to distribute “LGBTQ-themed books to teachers, community centers, and libraries” explicitly targeting children “Age 5+” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4065606/posts). In other words, as young as kindergarten.

So all the sexual behavior that the Bible–and most of humanity, for thousands of years–considers wrong and sinful… is now not only to be tolerated, but actively promoted by major corporations. Wrong is now right. Isaiah warned us, didn’t he? “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20) What is that but a reverse morality?

Oh, Lord, I’m tired of writing about such things! Who but you can put a stop to it?

If we do everything that leftids say we ought to do–abortion, “sex-change therapy,” and homosexuality–our whole species will die out.

I think some of us need a new insurance company.

More Stupid Crazy PCBS

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I refuse to illustrate the disgusting and asinine subject matter of this post. Here is a nice lizard instead.

I saw an article on the Google search page yesterday (it has since disappeared) in which appeared the moronic bit of word salad, “lactating parents.” Like Ma and Pa are gonna take turns breast-feeding Junior.

Why have so many people hopped aboard this bandwagon? What in the world is the appeal?

Some people believe the whole gay-transgender-abortion program is aimed at nothing less than the complete destruction of our civilization, if not the actual extinction of the human species. They’ll destroy everything, and then build their own utopia on a clean slate–which would be a smoking ruin, of course, but they don’t think so. Nor do they care.

I don’t know. I just see transgender mania sweeping through the Western world like the Black Death–only this plague is greeted with open arms. Suddenly the world embraces an upside-down reverse morality: everything bad is good, everything good is evil.  The recently displayed lust for abortion is a terrible thing to see.

Pray. Stand firm. Speak the truth. Refuse to give any kind of service to the lie. It may be that the Lord will fight for us.

Why Does Anybody Say Such Things?

We do not know why this idiot was interviewed.

I don’t know who this, er, “abortion advocate” was, or why she should have been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee as if she were someone of importance.

Asked to define what a woman is, she replied, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/democrat-witness-tells-lawmakers-men-can-get-pregnant-abortions-video/). Whatever you “identify” yourself to be… that’s what you are! (Are you out there, Genghis Khan?)

Then a Congressman asked her, “Do you believe men can get pregnant and have abortions?”

Wait for it…


Where does that leave us? Either this dindle is saying something she knows perfectly well to be untrue and ridiculous… or she’s just plain crazy. Either way, there are far too many people saying things like this and I don’t know why!

Why didn’t the Congressman say “Do you dare to sit in front of this committee and spout such insulting nonsense at us?” Should’ve charged her with contempt of Congress–although something tells me contempt for Congress is just about universal, these days.

And well-earned.

Hymns and Prayer: Our Country Needs It

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When she gets out of bed, she’ll go teach kindergarten.

Anybody out there got any hymn requests? Anyone got any prayers?

It has gotten to be the easiest thing in the world, to find and post “education outrage” stories… every single day. In fact, there are always, always, more than one. I just posted a great big one a few minutes ago.

Now the crooks in Washington are enlisting foreign intelligence agencies to crush individual American citizens–right here at home! Look at the suddenly-arisen herculean efforts to protect “groomers.” They’re teaching in our schools, running Disney Corp., and doing everything they can to push children into sex at an early age. Can we even imagine an innocent reason for this? Crikey! We had that idjit Psaki actually weeping over a few states’ efforts to rein in the groomers. Presidential spokes-creature. Hot dog.

Our country has fallen into terrible trouble; and the very worst of it is the way we use  our schools, from kindergarten through college, to “teach” and “celebrate” self-destructive evil.

The only truly productive thing we can do about it is to take the children OUT! of public school and teach them at home. Get them away from the groomers.

America needs our prayers, we need each other’s prayers, we need hymns, we need the Bible–O Jesus Christ our Lord and King, our champion: we need you!

What Do They Want from Us?

Everything You Need to Know About Hell: What Humans Get Right and Wrong  About It | by Donald King | Medium

“You’re gonna need a bigger Hell.”

So there they are, out there–declaring that “every family” has at least one transgender member (mine doesn’t), and anyone who opposes using the public schools to groom the kiddies for sexual activity is trying to “tear apart families,” blah-blah.

What is it that they want from us? Complete and total surrender to their agenda? Unrestricted sexual access to America’s children? I mean, it looks like, “Okay! Abort as many of ’em as we can! And the ones left over, turn ’em all sterile by messing with their gender!” Is there any doubt that this ideology comes straight from Hell?

The mighty Disney Corp.–whose current bosses wouldn’t survive another two minutes if Walt Disney could come back–is screaming bloody murder against states that are banning the use of the public schools to teach sexual anarchy. In their warped view of things, protecting families can only be done by sponsoring perversion. Disney has made TV ads promoting genital mutilation of children. That’s how they protect families.

How far down do they mean to beat our country? At what point of decay will they be satisfied?

No. They’ll never be satisfied.

That’s something we should keep in mind.

You Can’t Beat Transgender!

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This content disgusts me. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

So they had an NCAA women’s swimming championship, 200-yard race; and a young women from the University of Kentucky came in fifth, for which they were giving out a trophy.

Hold it! “Lia Thomas,” Mr. Shoulders, this guy who says he’s a woman and has been allowed to compete against women in sports–this guy finished tied for 5th.

So the Powers That Be decided to give him the trophy. The girl from UKY can pretend she came in 6th, and later they’ll mail her a 5th-place trophy: for the time being, they had only one 5th-place cup on hand and they hadda give it to Mr. Shoulders (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10676873/Kentucky-swimmer-tied-Lia-Thomas-NCAA-champs-slams-officials.html).

All the young woman athlete got was a “Good job!” from one of the officials. You know: “Good job!”, like you say to a toddler or a dog. Like when a toddler remembers to wipe his lips after eating crayons.

And you’ve got the nooze media attributing female pronouns to Mr. Shoulders. Sickening. Down with truth.

What’s the point of even having women’s sports, if any guy can just say he’s a woman and walk off with the trophies? Actually it’s kind of amazing that four real women finished this race ahead of Shoulders. But the point is, this other girl tied with him for 5th and in the photo op was asked to pretend she came in 6th.

An age founded on preposterous lies and sexual aberration cannot possibly come to any good end.